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Help! Makeup trial gone wrong!

Rachel, on April 15, 2017 at 8:15 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 57
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I had my makeup trial recently. I asked for natural makeup and left looking like I belonged in a drag show Anyone willing to share more natural, but nice wedding makeup that they were happy with? I'm doing an airbrush trial next week to see if that might be better.


  • FaithD_2017
    VIP September 2017
    FaithD_2017 ·


  • JPCD
    VIP May 2018
    JPCD ·

    If you post photos we could probably see what "went wrong" or if it was actually fine. Makeup tends to look heavier in person than in photos.

  • milinovemberbride
    VIP November 2017
    milinovemberbride ·

    It's easier to help you if you post pictures :/

  • MrsCalderon
    VIP December 2016
    MrsCalderon ·

    Don't forget you have to cake on makeup for the pictures or it'll look like you have no makeup on. Did your MUA mention that to you?? The artist could've made the makeup to where it would've looked natural when photographed

  • R
    Beginner July 2017
    Rachel ·

    Here's what I looked like.

  • Miranda
    VIP May 2017
    Miranda ·

    I would like to see a straight on picture. But you do not look like you should be in a drag show at all

  • bb2017
    Expert April 2017
    bb2017 ·

    @Rachel i actually really love your make up! I think it looks very bridal and natural. Sometimes to get the natural look you have to wear a lot of make up. This will photograph really well too. What part is drag show to you?

  • ambrok
    Master October 2017
    ambrok ·

    You look beautiful! As a woman that only wears foundation powder & eye liner typically, I'm sure I'm going to feel the same as you; but I keep reading that you really need more makeup on your wedding day for the pro pics to be their best.

    Personally, I think it looks as natural as it can be (maybe a little dark on the eyes; but again...that's normal for wedding pics).

  • MrsCalderon
    VIP December 2016
    MrsCalderon ·

    I love your makeup!! If the eyes are too heavy take off the lashes

  • R
    Beginner July 2017
    Rachel ·

    It's just way too much. I look yellow and just too different. My fiance was shocked when I came home.... and sadly not in a good way.

  • D&G114
    Super January 2018
    D&G114 ·

    I think it looks really good and a slightly darker lip and cheek would look even better.

  • mzj
    Super July 2017
    mzj ·

    I actually think it looks good. lol but if you're unhappy I would Schedule another trial

  • Kristine
    Super September 2017
    Kristine ·

    Oh, OP. I seriously thought/was hoping that when you said "drag show" that you would have bright pink/orange cheeks, gold glitter eyelids, blue lipstick and some stilettos.

    You are a BEAUTIFUL girl. Wedding makeup is similar to stage makeup, it is going to be very heavy for photos. Honestly, the photos of your makeup do NOT look bad at all!!! But...if you don't like it, then there's always another trial and makeup style! You'll find the look that is right for you.

  • DoggoMom
    VIP August 2016
    DoggoMom ·

    I think you look great! Do you normally wear much makeup? I think the drag show vibe is common. I don't wear much makeup and felt like it was waaaaay too much but the MUA talked me down and the pictures turned out great. Try to find a happy medium.

  • R
    Beginner July 2017
    Rachel ·

    It just looks too far from what I usually look like. My to-be father-in-law didn't recognize me

  • R
    Beginner July 2017
    Rachel ·

    Eyebrows were filled in a lot.

  • MOB
    Devoted May 2019
    MOB ·

    Pictures and lights will wash you out like if you were in a show onstage. So even though the makeup is heavier than normal, you look beautiful! I think you're just not used to it. That said, you do need to feel comfortable with it on your big day, so be sure to convey your thoughts to the artist.

  • R
    Beginner July 2017
    Rachel ·

    Thanks. I'm trying airbrush makeup this week. Anyone have thoughts on that being different/better?

  • MRE17
    VIP November 2017
    MRE17 ·

    I actually think it looks great! Remember though, if you go with too much of a natural look you will look washed out in your photos!

  • Maegan
    Dedicated March 2017
    Maegan ·

    I do agree foundation is too yellow. I think what's making you look "different" is the brows. I think they were filled in too thick/heavy compared to your regular brows. But this is far from drag queen!! And all very fixable. You'll be a beautiful bride!!

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