Gift ideas from sister/moh?

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I'm having a hard time deciding on a wedding gift for my sister, I want it to be special since I'm also her MoH but I feel like everything is not enough. My fiance isn't in the wedding party but the gift will be from both of us. The wedding is around $125/person I think if that helps. She is going on a mini-moon with her FH after their wedding this month, and then a big honeymoon next year. They put a honeymoon fund on their registry for the big trip (next year) but I am thinking to give her a gift certificate to the mini-moon resort because it feels weird to me to just put money into an online honeymoon fund. I'm thinking they can use it for the room, spa, or restaurant. I'm not sure if someone else (maybe her future MIL) is paying for the mini-moon, but even if they are, they could use the gift certificate next year for an anniversary trip. Is this a good idea?


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  • Hannah
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    I would write a heartfelt card and give either cash or a check. This way they can use the money for whatever they see best and they don't have to pay a percentage of your gift to the honeymoon fund provider.
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    Price per person is never relevant unless you are paying the vendors yourselves as the ones who signed all the contracts. That amount or even a wild estimate should never be the determining factor in the price range of a gift. Covering your plate is how the couple weeds out the lower incomes as not good enough for an acquaintance.

    Do you want something specifically for her alone or both of them? Look for something she/they will enjoy and appreciate that is not related to the wedding/honeymoon/anniversaries. Browse Etsy and see what fits her/their interests that can be used or displayed in their new home.

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    If my brother were getting married I would probably write something nice in a card, like Hannah suggested, and give a check. Everyone's financial situation is different so it's really whatever you can afford, but I personally would probably do around $300 for my brother since we're close and then as something a little extra I might give a framed picture of us or something.

    I think the gift certificate for the mini-moon is a good idea but I would definitely double check first if someone else is already paying for that. It would be nice if they could use it next year, however that's another trip they would have to plan and take time off for so logistically it's kind of hard to get a gift like that.

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    I’d give them a check. You can write in the card something fun that they could use if for on their honeymoon, maybe look up a nice restaurant around.
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