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Flower Petals for Wedding Exit

Tesia, on July 3, 2016 at 9:21 PM Posted in Style and Décor 0 8
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Wondering if anyone has done the real flower petals in the wedding cones for the "exit". We are having about 200 guests so I'm wondering how many cones we should get as well as how much rose petals we would need. Thought I would see if anyone else has done this for advice. Smiley smile TIA!


  • nautiwife
    VIP July 2016
    nautiwife ·
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    Get a cone per guest in attendance.

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  • Tesia
    Just Said Yes October 2016
    Tesia ·
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    I did check with my venue and it's fine. I just didn't know if it was excessive to have 200 guests throw petals. I was also thinking about having just the aisle people have them.

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  • Esmerelda
    Devoted July 2016
    Esmerelda ·
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    We are planning this for the recessional and I didn't do one for every guest. Honestly, I KNOW that several of the men in the family AREN'T going to pick up the frilly, dainty cone of petals to toss at that time. Seriously. It ain't happening, and honestly, when it runs out, it runs out.

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  • KM
    Master March 2015
    KM ·
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    We did it! I think there were enough so that everyone had at least one. According to my husband, the cones were a pain in the ass to make, so I'd definitely go with pre-made ones!

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  • L
    Beginner June 2017
    Lisa ·
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    For our wedding day exit we are going to light Japanese lanterns with all of our guests.

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  • JamieLynn
    Master June 2016
    JamieLynn ·
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    It's actually surprising how much space 5-6 petals takes up, so you shouldn't need that many per guest. You can buy bags of petals through Sams or Costco online (or maybe both) and they aren't all that expensive.

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  • Private_User804
    Master November 2016
    Private_User804 ·
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    You can buy freeze-dried petals online cheaper than fresh petals from a florist, or bulk fresh from a discount club. I'm considering this, and will only give cones to a few guests on the aisle halfway down, and the ushers who will stand at the end of the aisle. Remember that they don't toss very far, so guests more than 2 seats from the aisle will just be tossing them onto other guests...and picking petals off everybody's hair and clothes will make family portrait time even MORE slow and awkward to organize.

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  • MNA
    Master April 2018
    MNA ·
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    You can do cones, or two large baskets of petals and just have everyone take a handful and pass it down the line. This would save you having to make as many cones, and only those just lining the walkway would really need the petals.

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