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Dress shopping on Monday who did you take?

Ana, on February 15, 2019 at 9:20 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 24
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Hey WW family,
so im going on what I hope is my only dress shopping appointment on Monday to David’s bridal. I really only want to go once for a few reasons.
1. I fell in love with a dress online
2. To make my mom happy she really wants to go
3.i hate trying on clothes
That being said I’m going on Monday Morning 😊


  • Ana
    Devoted September 2019
    Ana ·
    Who did you take with you ??
    i plan on taking my mom , my 2 daughters and 3 of my best friends. Is that too many people? I figured Im only going once 🤷‍♀️
  • Becca
    Super August 2019
    Becca ·
    To me, that’s a lot of opinions in one room, but toveach their own! When I went, I went to 5 or 6 different places. For most of of them, my mom was there plus one or two of my bridesmaids. A couple of the times, I went alone because they were last minute appointments. I almost preferred going by myself. It took the pressure off of trying to please everyone.
  • Sadie
    Savvy May 2019
    Sadie ·
    It's fun to go!! My FH and I went together, just the two of us.
  • Katherine
    Expert July 2019
    Katherine ·
    I took just my mom! A Monday will be PERFECT for you because the store will be emptier and you'll be able to just try on the dress you want, maybe a couple others if you need to, and then head on out! I found Davids bridal to be great for someone who just wants to do the one shopping trip and then be done with it

  • Ana
    Devoted September 2019
    Ana ·
    Do you think I invited too many people. I wanted more opinions since my mom and I never agree on anything
  • Maricarmen
    Expert September 2019
    Maricarmen ·
    I took my 2 sisters, my mom, my FMIL and one bridesmaid. I was happy, even though u was nervous about too many opinions I realized that,in the moment they let me decide what I wanted. It’s up to you. I also only went to one store and found my dress.
  • ASMini914
    Super September 2019
    ASMini914 ·
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    How was going alone? My family and all but 1 bridesmaid live out of state, and they’ve already come in once for shopping and I didn’t find “the one”. At this point I’m 7 months out from my wedding and the thought of going alone seems sad, but I also need to find a dress and probably shouldn’t wait for them to be able to come back again in a month!

    I have an an appointment tomorrow morning that my other bm was going to go to with me, but now she can’t! 😩 do I just go alone and FaceTime in my mom so she can see?!
  • Gen
    Master June 2019
    Gen ·
    I just brought my mom and my MOH and it was perfect. More people than that I felt would’ve been crowded and overwhelming with different opinions
  • Mandy
    VIP May 2019
    Mandy ·

    I took my mom, sister and my two bridesmaids to my first appointment. My mom and sister were the opinionated ones (to a point) and the other two were more quiet. It wasn't near as bad as I had expected. I hate dresses. Like, I own one and I have never worn it.

    Advice going to David's Bridal:

    Eat before you go.

    They provide you with a bra, slip and shoes to try on with the dresses.

    Pick out 3-4 dresses you would like to try on. (they will ask you for the item numbers) Be open. Obviously try on the one you love, but be willing to try on a few others. The one I loved online is the one I picked, but I tried on about 5-6 to make sure some other style didn't wow me.

    Try on veils, belts, etc with the dress. You don't have to buy anything that day (you can find veils way cheaper about everywhere else).

    They will ask you your date, wedding colors, and theme. They will ask you if there's anything you really want in a dress or anything you didn't (for me I liked the lace and didn't want satin).

    I picked out a few dresses to try on and let my stylist pick out a wild card for me to try on just for fun.

    Ask someone to take pictures of you in the dresses (front, back, side) so you can see how the dress fits from another angle (instead of just the mirror).

    Be prepared to sweat.

  • Tara
    Master May 2020
    Tara ·
    Just one friend. My mom lives far away and my FMIL shows no interest in the wedding, so I didn’t want to invite her.
  • AtoZ
    Devoted May 2019
    AtoZ ·

    I took my MOH, mom, grandma, and FMIL.

  • Brittany
    Dedicated September 2019
    Brittany ·
    I took my mom and dad and that’s it. I was going to take my man of honor but my parents and I decided to just go look on a whim one day. I’m so glad they were the only opinions I had. They know me so well and we had a great time with just the three of us.
  • Mcskipper
    Master July 2018
    Mcskipper ·
    I only brought my mom.

    id caution you to not put all your eggs in one basket here. It would be great if you only had to shop once, but lots of brides experience falling in love with a dress online and not liking it once it’s on. Not saying this will be your experience, just, the higher the expectations, the bigger the letdown. Don’t pressure yourself into committing that day just because you don’t want to shop again! Be optimistic, but cautiously so! And try to have fun with it. But if you’re trying to get in and out, you may end up frustrated or with dress regret. So, keep an open mind about shopping!!
  • Ana
    Devoted September 2019
    Ana ·
    Thank you ladies for all your input. I’m getting a little excited. @asmini914 I would go and FaceTime. I think if I went alone I would be nervous of picking something I look bad in
  • FutureMrsD
    Legend July 2019
    FutureMrsD ·

    I think it's great you are going. It's SO hard to look online and know what you will love on you. I'd try on as many types as you can. It's tiring but worth it! Just eat before & stay hydrated.

  • Cristy
    Rockstar May 2020
    Cristy ·
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    No, not at all. Do what is right for you. I took my sister, daughter, and cousin (my 3 BMs), and my FMIL. My mom passed away a long time ago, and I'm building a really good relationship with FMIL. She's an awesome lady, and I was honored that she wanted to go with me. It turned out to be the perfect number of opinions for me!

  • Alicia
    VIP August 2019
    Alicia ·

    I had a bunch of people - my mom and MIL, my 2 sisters (MOH and a bridesmaid), my 2 nieces (jr. bridesmaids), and 2 of my 3 best friends (bridesmaids).

  • Kim
    Super September 2019
    Kim ·

    I would have been perfectly fine going by myself! But I brought my mom, and it was just us two. I really don't want too many opinions.

  • Peggy
    Master November 2019
    Peggy ·
    I fell in love with dresses online but it was so much more fun and less scary buying one in the store I could try on. I took my stepmom and moh.
  • Lianna
    Dedicated May 2019
    Lianna ·
    I had three friends go with me. They all know how my anxiety is around people so they kept me calm

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