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Do you go to bed at the same time?

Lynnie, on April 2, 2019 at 11:05 AM Posted in Family and Relationships 0 149

Experts say that going to bed at the same times is a healthy habit in a relationship. Probably because it gives time for intimacy and puts you on the same schedule! But in real life, sleep schedules aren't always that easy to coordinate!

Do you and your future spouse go to bed at the same time? Never, always, or sometimes?

Do you go to bed at the same time? 1


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Latest activity by Squeezy Bean, on December 26, 2020 at 6:28 PM
  • Future Mrs. K
    VIP June 2019
    Future Mrs. K ·
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    Always. We both work the same M-F schedules so our bedtime is the same.

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  • Mrs. H
    Master September 2019
    Mrs. H ·
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    Almost always, yes - unless one of us is sick and goes to bed first.

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  • Gen
    Champion June 2019
    Gen ·
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    Almost always, unless one of us isn’t feeling well! My FH used to have weird work hours so he used to go to bed much later than I did and sleep much later than I did... and I feel like we’ve both been so much happier since his work hours changed to the same as mine, and we've been able to sync our sleep schedules. It’s nice to be able to spend a more time together in the evening and a little in the morning, and to not have to tip toe around when one of us is sleeping!
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  • JustKidding
    VIP April 2018
    JustKidding ·
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    Not really. I go to bed like an old lady and he can be up for hours.

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  • Victoria
    Super May 2019
    Victoria ·
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    Never. I go to bed super early, he usually stays up a couple hours later than me.
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  • Expert May 2021
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    I wish! I have a hard time falling asleep unless he’s there to snuggle up to. During his busy season at work he will stay up super late getting in some me time for himself. He keeps banker hours but stays in the office or works from home later and there are always a few days a week that my work starts at 7am so I’m a pumpkin by 10pm. When you have kids it’s hard to squeeze in that work, me, family and couples time.
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  • Kelsey
    VIP September 2020
    Kelsey ·
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    Yes, usually go to bed at the same time. Only times he stays up later is if there is a game on that he wants to watch. I usually fall asleep faster if he is cuddling with me.

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  • maryann
    Expert June 2019
    maryann ·
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    Almost Always, but he likes to sleep in the dark and I like the Tv on so we compromise. Nights hes really tired I watch Tv in the living room until he is asleep... My big baby

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  • Formerbride
    VIP June 2019
    Formerbride ·
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    Almost always. Sometimes I go up to bed earlier if I'm not feeling well or if he wants to stay up too late lol.

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  • Nikita
    VIP April 2019
    Nikita ·
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    Not even almost. I am an insanely light sleeper. He crashes as soon as he hits the pillow and starts snoring - loudly. I am so jealous of him ^_^. We're in the habit of me going to bed a full hour before him so I can drift off with melatonin, white noisemakers, and a facemask.

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  • Michelle
    Expert March 2020
    Michelle ·
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    Absolutely never! I'm a nurse & have to wake up at 4:45a.m. My fiance is a night owl & stays up well past my bedtime!
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  • idosoon
    Devoted February 2020
    idosoon ·
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    Same here , I wish. Some days we will but not always. I'm usually sleep first be default lol

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  • Anna
    Master June 2020
    Anna ·
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    No. I'm a night owl. He's an early bird. He's asleep on the couch after work....
    I do force myself to turn off the tv at long as I remember to take my sleeping pill. Smiley smile

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  • M
    Super June 2019
    Mary ·
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    Never. Our lives are too different to go to bed at the same time. Our schedules are never the same.
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  • Adrianna
    Devoted June 2020
    Adrianna ·
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    Yes we fall asleep at the same time and usually also wake up at the same time too
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  • Kristen
    VIP June 2020
    Kristen ·
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    Not currently (I’ve been pulling some all nighter studying and my class is at night) but we usually do! When I start teaching in the fall FH will go to work at the same time as me and we will go to bed at the same time
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  • Jasmine
    Master August 2021
    Jasmine ·
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    We do most of the time.

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  • Kristin
    Super November 2019
    Kristin ·
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    Always. If I am tired, I'll just fall asleep on the couch until he is ready to go lay down.

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  • Megan
    Beginner February 2020
    Megan ·
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    I usually have trouble falling when my Fiancé doesn't come to bed at the same time. I've been trying to convince him to go to sleep earlier Smiley smile

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  • Beverly
    Dedicated July 2020
    Beverly ·
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    Sometimes we usually do but on nights he works grave we obviously dont
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