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Honeymoon registry
Rachel, Today at 1:02 AM

Hey everyone,My FH and I wanted to make a honeymoon registry where people contribute to the honeymoon fee instead of give gifts. What would be the best way to go about this? Anyone have a website?

Kiwibride, 9 minutes ago 3 Comments 34
Blended family processional
Amy, Today at 12:58 AM

I need HELP with ideas on the wedding procession! My groom's parents are divorced, but his mother is re-married and his father is single, and my mother is a remarried widow and is walking me down the...

2d Bride, 43 minutes ago 1 Comment 10
Sandals Barbados
Rachel, Today at 12:54 AM

My FH and I just booked our trip to the Sandals Barbados. We wanted some input to see if anyone has been there before! Thank you!

Rachel, An hour ago 8
azazie Wedding Dress Shopping
Jacqueline , Today at 12:54 AM

I have been curious about the AZAZIE wedding dresses. I know lots of people in here have mentioned using them for their bridesmaid dress but I wanted to try their bridal gowns and I was not...

Cynthia's and Robert, 55 minutes ago 2 Comments 28
Save the date help!
Briann, Today at 12:26 AM

I can't decide which one to choose I love both of them

Liana, 4 minutes ago 9 Comments 51

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Trying not to be upset
Lacey, Yesterday at 6:26 PM

I’m trying to not be upset but it’s really difficult. I’m about 99% sure my grandmother nor my aunt will be coming to bridal shower or wedding. I live in Nevada they live in Colorado. Ive done...

Cuoghi, 15 seconds ago 7 Comments 168
Engagement pictures!
Jennaya, Yesterday at 5:37 PM

....................................Save the date picture..........These are some of what we had done! I titled the one that is going to be our save the date picture what do you guys think!? I won...

Liana, 56 seconds ago 5 Comments 112
bam 8.10.18!!!!
Abby, Yesterday at 7:45 PM

BAM and we finally got a few sneak pics from our amazing photographers today. The day was absolutely amazing apart from a groomsman no showing....I had a minor freak out because my dress didn’t fit...

Liana, 2 minutes ago 14 Comments 185
**wedding Day**
Kelsey, Yesterday at 8:11 PM

Our wedding day 6/9/18! Photo heavy! Our goal for the was the wedding was elegant and classic.

Liana, 2 minutes ago 8 Comments 190
I'm married now!!!
Heather, Yesterday at 11:57 PM

It rained putting about a 45 min delay on the start, but it was gorgeous and hopefully some of the pics will have some of it falling down around us. I'm a wife now, y'all!!! 😍😭😍😭😍 Sorry the rings pic...

Liana, 3 minutes ago 7 Comments 128