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Unity ideas
alli, Today at 2:33 AM

Hello, I want to do a unity ceremony during my wedding ceremony. But I want something unique [ie: no candles, sand, alcohol mixing...]Any thoughts on things you have seen, but are not common ?

eikukn, 2 hours ago 2 Comments 16
Bridal wraps or tough it?
Lacie , Today at 1:26 AM

Getting married in Nashville this Saturday and the high is forecasted for 60*. The last 5 years it’s been warmer (70s) at the end of October, so I chose spaghetti strap floor length dresses for myself...

Caytlyn, 2 hours ago 2 Comments 21
Second dress after ceremony, photos, and first dance?
Abigail , Today at 12:22 AM

Has anyone decided to buy a second dress? One that isn’t as expensive probably under $100? Something cute and simple? I’m looking to get another one because my dress is really poofy and I’m afraid of...

Jasmine, 3 hours ago 1 Comment 20
Bridal shower
Kelsy, Today at 12:12 AM

Who is supposed to be invited to the bridal shower and bachelorette party?

Megan, 4 hours ago 2 Comments 18
Help wedding hashtag Jessica & Law
Jessica, Yesterday at 11:56 PM

Hi! Looking for suggestions for a wedding hashtagBride: JessicaGroom: Lawour last name will be Kim. Thanks in advance!

Jessica, Yesterday at 11:56 PM 6

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We got Married! - Here's everything that went wrong....
His Mrs. C, Yesterday at 3:20 PM

We got married 1.5 weeks ago (yay!). Our honeymoon was magnificent and we're so sad to be back to reality now. I'm excited to post about our honeymoon adventures and of course share our wedding photos...

Denise, 9 minutes ago 22 Comments 542
Non pro bam
Linda , Yesterday at 10:06 PM

The day was of course awesome. Only a few things went wrong and they in no way effected the day. Thingd to note fir for other brides. Details matter. If you want to do something do it even if it goes...

ap2al, 11 minutes ago 2 Comments 84
Non Pro pics from Guests
Emily, Yesterday at 10:52 PM

So happy to get married to my God's gift. Everything went wonderful, despite of the cold and it was windy for a fall wedding. We are on the bus going to our honeymoon.

ap2al, 12 minutes ago 8 Comments 86
Honeymoon Essentials
Emily, Yesterday at 11:28 PM

Is there anything that you refuse to go on your honeymoon without? Anything you are worried you might forget? Ladies that have already been, was there anything you didn’t bring but wish you did? 😊

ap2al, 13 minutes ago 3 Comments 57
Let me see your shoes! -or lack of- *pic Included*
Kayla, Yesterday at 9:41 PM

Hi ladies! I feel like such a minor -yet huge- detail in our wedding are often overlooked! OUR SHOES! We are getting married on the beach. Although these barefoot sandals aren’t mine, my bridesmaids...

ap2al, 15 minutes ago 9 Comments 130