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Did any brides still have their wedding eventhough we have the covid 19 situation going on

Tameka, on April 4, 2020 at 9:24 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 6
Was wondering if any brides still went gonna with their wedding. If so what did yall do and how did it go. Asking because we are gonna get married on our day but in front of our car with our officiant and two witnesses and have the recpection and another ceremony August 8th


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  • Belle
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    I have seen news in many places that people are holding “drive through” wedding. They drive to the newly wed, say their congratulations through a tiny window crack, then dropped any present a few yards away, take their boxed lunch, and go home.
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  • Lunajay
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    OMG that is so sad, cute, and kinda funny. I have hear of someone doing this, and I think it is a great idea for this crisis. Show the Coronavirus who's smarter and who's boss!

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  • Shelby
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    Shelby ·
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    My wedding is June 20th and as of now it’s still going on. We had 105 people on our guest list but unfortunately cut it down to only close family(50pple)
    If that fails we plan on it just being us with our parents, and then broadcast the ceremony on Facebook live for everyone to watch, that way we can still keep our date and our venue.
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  • Shelby
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    But one of my main concerns are the stores not being open to get my dress altered, and my fiancé unable to get his suit if the stores don’t open before then. Texas is on lock down as of not untill May 20th, but said they will extend it till June 22nd if needed....😩
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  • Caitlin
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    Our wedding is August 15th, and we are planning on having it as normal!
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  • Amy
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    Hi Tameka,

    There's so much happening right now, and I'm sure it's weighing on you. I'm sorry you may be feeling the added stress before your wedding.

    The good news is that couples are still getting married! Many of them had to adjust their plans, of course, but here are some links to discussions with BAMs (Back And Married):

    - Postponed Wedding? i have the hashtag for you

    - Bam! Plab b in a pandemic 3/24/2020

    - My Drive Up Wedding Due to Corona Pandemic

    - Bam! 3.21.20

    - Coronavirus wedding! 3/21/20

    - Quarantine wedding - Home/Zoom wedding

    - Our First Marriage! (photos)

    Hope this helps! Smiley heart

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