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Destination Wedding Resort Recommendations

Lauren, on May 17, 2021 at 9:31 PM Posted in Planning 0 6

Hi! My fiancé and I are in the early stages of planning a destination wedding. There. Are. So. Many. Resorts.

We have reached out to a travel agent to help us but wanting some input. What do you recommend?

Keep in mind:

We want a wedding near or on a beach and prefer all-inclusive resorts for us and our guests (Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Aruba, Antigua, Hawaii....anything like that)

Ceremony can be on the beach, in a garden, over the water chapel, etc.

Our guests are paying for their stay...we anticipate less than 50 people (probably about 30)

We are budgeting for about $8000 for us 2 for resort, flights, and wedding (IF POSSIBLE)

We have a photographer in the family, an officiant if need be, and someone chosen for hair/make up....all guests

Not picky on dates....November 2022-February 2023 if possible

Want a resort with a lot of natural vegetation and tress...lots of greenery, flowers, "rainforest" or jungle like vibe. We love clean lines, boho vibe, neutrals....

We also want the resort to have a lot of restaurants and bars for our guests and we want a resort with a lot of live entertainment. I would love to steel drum band, fire dancers, bon fire, or a sangria bar, etc for the reception...

HELP...please Smiley smile

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  • Lauren
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    Lauren ·
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    More pictures of ideas....

    Destination Wedding Resort Recommendations 4Destination Wedding Resort Recommendations 5RCARUBA_00169?$XlargeViewport100pct$
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  • Sandra
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    Sandra ·
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    This all looks lovely, love your ideas!

    One thing that might at least help narrow down the countries is to consider where most guests are flying from and double check average airfare. Aruba and Antigua might be really expensive from many airports while Mexico, DR, and Jamaica tend to be more reasonably priced. If that’s a factor of course.

    Also I think Secrets resorts are really beautiful, they each have their own “look” for sure. I believe they are adult only though - not sure if you have kids going. 🙂
    Good luck! ❤️
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  • Sandra
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    Sandra ·
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    Oh I forgot to add, one thing I’d personally be picky about is making sure that the ceremony can feel “private” wherever it is on the grounds. Sometimes it’s hard at a resort and they do usually a good job of making it less obvious in photos lol. My cousin got married in the DR and while her garden ceremony was indeed beautiful and lush, you could clearly see other resort guests watching from the balconies, people walking by in bathing suits etc. Not everyone minds that though! Just a thought. 🙂
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  • devotedlydavis
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    devotedlydavis ·
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    If you want greenery I would remove Aruba from your list. While it’s an island, it’s a desert so it won’t give you the feel you’re looking for. I would also research the beaches so you know how to proceed, for example some countries (Aruba) have no private beaches so the public can be on all of them.

    I would look into Riu hotels. The Westin in Playa Conchal, Costa Rica would also give you the vibe you’re looking for.
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  • Emily
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    Emily ·
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    Aruba is beautiful! Bermuda is as well, and we are going to Sandals St. Lucia for our honeymoon in a week and I cannot even wait! They have an over the water chapel that makes me wish we had done a destination wedding! Highly recommend Sandals and if you need my travel agent’s contact info, let me know. She is seriously the BEST ever!!!!
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  • Ingrid
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    Ingrid ·
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    Destination Wedding Resort Recommendations 6

    Destination Wedding Resort Recommendations 7

    Destination Wedding Resort Recommendations 8

    Destination Wedding Resort Recommendations 9

    Destination Wedding Resort Recommendations 10
    We were married at Sandals South Coast in Jamaica. It's an all inclusive resort. It was magical and I'm so glad we chose a destination wedding. We made payments monthly until paid off about 2 months before our wedding. We stayed 7 days and can't wait to go back. The resort staff were amazing and made sure to give us the wedding of our dreams.
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