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Decorations for my aisle! Pics!

Jennifer, on March 8, 2011 at 1:17 PM Posted in Do It Yourself

My venue-twin (Angela) and I are splitting the cost of these sheperds hooks for the ceremony site! I decided to go the masn jar route. Total cost for the entire project is $100. :-) What do you think?



  • FMS, the barefoot wife!
    Master August 2010
    FMS, the barefoot wife! ·

    Beautiful! And good call on sharing rental fees! Are you splitting anything else? Can I suggest adding a few river rocks (or something heavy) in the bottom? Just incase someone walks by and/or catches the flowers, they don't tip the jar so easily and your flowers don't come out.

  • Greyash
    Master March 2011
    Greyash ·

    OOOhh very nice! I love it!

  • Michelle
    VIP September 2011
    Michelle ·

    Those are BEAUTIFUL!

    great job!!

  • FMS, the barefoot wife!
    Master August 2010
    FMS, the barefoot wife! ·

    I love the green & brown together!!

  • countrybride*H*
    Master April 2012
    countrybride*H* ·

    Love it!! I'm doing something similiar, I'm not using the shepard hooks since my wedding is in a church, I doing the mason jar filled with flower idea.. I'm just hanging the mason jar from the pews.. the picture shows them hanging from chairs.. but I'm determined to make them work for pews!

  • Jennifer
    Master June 2011
    Jennifer ·

    FMS, I thought about the river rock....but its actually pretty stable as is. I was surprised! I will maybe think of a way of securing the flowers inside the jar. Maybe glue?

    And actually, we are evil brides....we bought the hooks and splitting the cost. And then when both of our weddings are done, we are selling them! the mason jars I got for free (leftovers from work) and the flowers I got 50% off from Hobby Lobby. The burlap was part of a huge lot of it intended for table runners. So much of it was left, I said, sure....lets use it as an accent all over the place! The ribbon I got from WalMart for 50% off.

  • K
    Master April 2012
    Kimi k. ·

    You go girl! They look amazing!

  • Lilly
    VIP August 2010
    Lilly ·

    Those look so gorgeous!! Great colors on the flowers

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