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Band VS DJ - why???

SXC, on February 21, 2013 at 10:12 PM Posted in Planning

So assuming price is not a factor and I understand a crappy dj/band vs a great dj/band would make a huge different, what would you prefer and why? I'm looking for people that have been to weddings where they've seen both and let me know why they liked one vs the other. My mom is really wanting a band and I'm a bit nervous because I don't think they're as versatile as a Dj but bands also can get the floor really moving. I've found a band that's been doing weddings and other public shows for a while as well as a DJ that's one of the best in the area, but I can't make a decision. Help!!



  • Mrs V (Roe)
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    Mrs V (Roe) ·

    I love live music, but to listen to. The last wedding I went to had them both, band during cocktail hour and dinner then the dj took over for the dancing and I enjoyed that a lot. I would have had a band but I know most people prefer dancing to a dj so if I wanted to have a party atmosphere, I felt the dj was the better choice.

    (edited to complete the thought. that's what I get for watching Scandal while on WW)

  • R
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    RayRay ·

    I love live music, I do. I live in Nashville, after all! BUT for our wedding we wanted a DJ because we love the widest range of music possible. We want country, rap, rock, pop, you name it. Our perfect situation would have been a combo of DJ/band, but financially that couldn't happen. We went with a DJ.

  • We'llAlwaysHaveParis
    Master November 2013
    We'llAlwaysHaveParis ·

    We are having a band. FH is a drummer in a band and it's the band he plays with that will be playing our wedding. That is the ONLY reason we are having a band. Otherwise, I'd be all about the dj. Bands take breaks. That annoys me.

    85% of our guest list is over the age of 40. If we were having a younger crowd, I'd say DJ.

  • Jessica
    Savvy February 2014
    Jessica ·

    My FH and I have just not liked the feel of having a DJ at weddings. All of the DJs we have seen were obnoxious by taking over the microphone during the reception and taking WAY to many song requests. I'm a we are theater people (the performing arts is my career feild) so we know how to balance sound and none of the DJs we've heard knew how.

    Needless to say we are going to use a live string quartet that can play everything from lady gaga to Arioso.

  • kscha925
    Super May 2014
    kscha925 ·

    I guess if money isn't an option, I'd do both. I went to a wedding where they had a band play for 2 hours then 2 or 3 hours of dancing to an ipod. It was a barn wedding so they had a jug band or whatever, which was cute, but after 30 minutes it became tiring to mostly everyone.

  • Jessica
    VIP March 2013
    Jessica ·

    We chose a DJ because we have unique music taste and wanted to have a broad range of music. Our DJ is also doing our ceremony music too.

  • JC
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    JC ·

    We are having a band, we was looking for a night club atmosphere with live music, the band we chose can play anything, as my FH family is polish so we even wanted a band who could do polka's and this band can, it was hard trying to find a band so versatile and not charge an arm and leg but we found one! I would take live music or a DJ anytime

  • Angie
    Super April 2014
    Angie ·

    Right now we're planning on having both a small band and a dj. the dj is a coworker/friend of FH's and the band is one that we've seen several times and my sister has befriended. they play music that we know both sides of the family would enjoy, and to ensure they don't get overworked, we have a dj. for specific parts of the ceremony/reception, we'll be using the dj just because there's some parts we'd rather take our chances with pre-recorded music with

  • SXC
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    SXC ·

    Gah! This isn't any help! lol.

    Well the budget isn't a non issue - unfortunately it'd most likely be one or the other, not both!

    The band I'm looking at has both a female and male vocalist - I really like the guy but the female is great one some and I'm not as sure on others..but they have the range to do anything from 70's 80's (car wash, early Michael) and current stuff like C Lo's forget you or call me maybe (no I don't want that song but it's on their website since some other bride wanted it). We've met with a DJ who is pretty darn pricey but we really like and would be about the same cost as this band which is well reviewed though we haven't met in person. I'm just so confused though! I don't know which to pick!

  • Over the Top♥
    Master June 2013
    Over the Top♥ ·

    Maybe you could ask some of your guests which they'd prefer? We're doing a jazz band for cocktails and then a DJ.

  • Carlos Molina
    March 2019
    Carlos Molina ·

    If money was no object, I would say... do BOTH! I know... strange coming from a DJ. But I honestly believe the "energy" a band brings through is usually a great enhancement to any wedding.

    But... on the other side... here are my concerns about wedding bands

    1) The variety of music they play is limited

    2) They tend to be too loud, especially during cocktails/dinner

    3) They are not very experienced as MC's, even if they DO make announcements

    4) A really good band tends to be more costly than a really good DJ

    5) A good band could eclipse you and your fiance on your wedding

    6) Bands have less flexibility taking/accepting/playing requests

    I hope that gives you enough information to ask the right questions to your prospective DJ and to your prospective band.

    Good luck!

  • Nicole S. (formerly Nicole C)
    Master October 2013
    Nicole S. (formerly Nicole C) ·

    Omg Amy dueling pianos?? I wouldn't even care about dancing if we had dueling pianos that is SO cool.

    IMO unless the band completely blows you away I would go with the DJ. We are having a band they are extremely versatile and EVERY member except the drummer can sing- and they are a 7 piece band.

  • Mrs. S™
    Master October 2011
    Mrs. S™ ·

    And why exactly did you think we were going to help, haha?

    I agree with Nicole, I would have to have the band blow me away, otherwise I would go with a DJ. Do they have any clips online that we could look at?

  • P
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    Private User ·

    We are having both... band and string quartet for ceromony and coctail hour dj for reception

  • sarah r
    Super June 2013
    sarah r ·

    I found a combo DJ/Band in my area that I wanted for this exact reason, but he was booked on my date so I ended up going with a DJ. I have been to weddings with awful bands and DJs and others with great ones. I really think hiring a person who is good at what they do makes all the difference!

  • Andrea
    Devoted September 2013
    Andrea ·

    I have never been to a wedding with a band, so I can't speak from experience. I like the idea of a DJ, because I really dislike cover bands, and if a band plays original songs no one will know them. Cover bands are a "pet peeve" of mine.

    I also want a wide range of music (oldies, polka, "club music," country, rock...).

  • Mrs V (Roe)
    Master August 2013
    Mrs V (Roe) ·

    Maybe this will help a little more. I based choosing a dj over choosing live music because of the age and demeanor of the majority of the guest I am inviting. IF you have a younger crowd or the type of crowd that likes to party and dance and the energy of a dj enhances the party atmosphere, go with a dj. If you have a crowd/guest list that consists of people who don't dance a lot then go with the live music. They can dance if they want to or sit and hear good music.

  • Nicole S. (formerly Nicole C)
    Master October 2013
    Nicole S. (formerly Nicole C) ·

    I went to the dueling piano bar in myrtle beach it was some of the most fun I've ever had (except for the fact that they still allow smoking in bars down south we couldn't stay the whole time I was dying)... But back on the band subject- our crowd is exactly divided. Half LOVE to dance and the other half LOVE live music... So you need to go with the most bang for your buck. FH wanted a band so badly and I need my DJ.. I only agreed to the band because they are amazing and they will let me play whatever tracks I want while they are on break.

  • Len Woelfel
    March 2019
    Len Woelfel ·

    I've seen orchestras that played incredibly broad ranges of music. I've seen a couple bands that were horribly obnoxious (like SOME djs). I've seen some djs play the same music all night, even repeating songs. Since I don't know what they were asked to do by the client, it's hard to say if that was just their style, or they modified it for the client.

    But I will say that, as a former dj with 25 years experience, just because a dj can download a bunch of songs from a genre doesn't mean they can program it successfully. The same is true for orchestras. Playing music is as much about getting the order of the songs correct as it is about choosing which songs to play. Your entertainment needs the experience to read your crowd and make adjustments on the fly. Look for the organized entertainer. They'll have a base plan in place, yet be able to modify it as needed.

  • WasSoon2BMrsSmith
    Master September 2010
    WasSoon2BMrsSmith ·

    I personally love a good band, That said it all depends on the kind of music you like. I would much rather listen to classic rock, with some soft songs etc, than listen to gino-beats all night long.

    We sort of compormised in that when the band was on break we played some top 40 through my mac which was hooked up. That way young people could request and download what they wanted to hear. But everyone danced to the band.

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