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BAM!!! Two months and FINALLY Pro Pics!!

Kylene, on December 8, 2014 at 6:35 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 32
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Hey all -- I've been MIA for nearly a month and married for two but thought I'd throw up a post now that PRO pics are in! I could NOT be more excited with how they turned out. Our day was captured perfectly.

If anyone in the Seattle area is looking for a photographer, I highly recommend Vail Studio Photography.

I'll attach three pics but there's also a link to their blog post about our wedding:

Who knew a parking garage could be a great backdrop for photos?!


  • Angel_D
    Master October 2015
    Angel_D ·

    these are beautiful!u look great

  • Bethyonce
    Master February 2015
    Bethyonce ·

    Congrats! You look great!

  • Catalina
    Super December 2014
    Catalina ·

    You look amazing! Congratulations.

  • Tracy
    VIP February 2015
    Tracy ·

    Gorgeous photos!!!

  • Northern MN
    Master November 2014
    Northern MN ·

    The parking garage and then the super modern pop glam you got going on in the other photos is such an awesome combo!

    You looks really beautiful! That dress is awesome on you! Oh my gosh the one with your blue eyes looking up! wowza! Your bridesmaids also look great! All your details are so noticeably wonderful!

  • OG Mrs.K (2.0)
    Master September 2014
    OG Mrs.K (2.0) ·


  • L + A
    VIP May 2015
    L + A ·

    FINALLY. I've been waiting for your pro pic BAM! They look fabulous!!!

  • OG Ruth
    Master October 2015
    OG Ruth ·

    Gorgeous! Congratulations!

  • FutureMrs.B
    Super August 2015
    FutureMrs.B ·

    All beautiful, I love it! Congrats!

  • Angie
    Super December 2014
    Angie ·

    Beautiful pictures. Congrats!

  • Summyya
    Super May 2015
    Summyya ·

    Beautiful, love the style of photography and dresses. Congrats

  • Maltese
    Master June 2015
    Maltese ·

    Beautiful! And welcome back!

  • soontobeamrs
    VIP July 2015
    soontobeamrs ·

    How pretty, love your dress

  • Janeen
    Master January 2015
    Janeen ·

    They're beautiful!!! Congrats!

  • Jess
    Master May 2015
    Jess ·

    Very pretty!

  • E
    Master July 2015
    Emma ·

    I love them so much! Congrats! You were beautiful!

  • Lucy
    Master April 2015
    Lucy ·

    Great pictures ! Congrats

  • Kate
    Master May 2012
    Kate ·

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

  • FinallyMrsW
    VIP October 2014
    FinallyMrsW ·

    YAY! I got mine last night too! 2 months was too long haha

  • tega
    Super April 2015
    tega ·


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