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Back and Married! Non Pro Pics and a recap

Christine, on September 17, 2013 at 10:22 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 47
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I am officially a Mrs. I can honestly say the day went PERFECT. Nothing went wrong and everything was on time. (Okay I am a time natzi and everyone knows it) DH and I did a first touch photo. OMG it was awesome. All I got was his hand and we didn't see each other but it was perfect. Our butterfly release was amazing. There is a pic my photographer grouped with an actual butterfly on my dress. All 28 of them were alive and gorgeous. The guests loved it. our photobooth was great. I have at least 400 pictures from it. All of my BM and My 2 MOH were so wonderful the GM were great too. We went out after the reception in the limo to a couple places and had a great time. We all ended up back at the hotel and had a blast in the hotel common area till 4am. I was surrounded with so much love that day. I truly love being married to my best friend. We leave for our honeymoon in Cancun Monday I cannot wait!


  • Christine
    VIP September 2013
    Christine ·

    Pic of me and my HUSBAND! Our son as ring security pic of my garter with both our football team faves on it

  • Christine
    VIP September 2013
    Christine ·

    The candy bar I worked my butt off for lol. Our limo and Me and one of the GM.

  • Tiffany Nash
    Master August 2014
    Tiffany Nash ·

    You look stunning, Congrats!

  • Kiera
    Expert September 2017
    Kiera ·

    That sounds amazing! Ur pics are beautiful! Very happy for you hoping you have a beautiful, relaxing and safe honeymoon!

  • Angela Marie
    Master May 2014
    Angela Marie ·

    Your pictures are gorgeous. Congrats! Have a fun honeymoon!

  • Love Is Real
    Expert April 2014
    Love Is Real ·

    You look beautiful.....congrats

  • ItsGoodToBeKing
    Master February 2014
    ItsGoodToBeKing ·

    Ahhh your son is adorable don't show my FH! So glad your day was perfect, congrats!

  • Leonie
    Super September 2013
    Leonie ·

    Congratulations, everything looked great, Enjoy your honeymoon

  • Shellie
    Dedicated August 2013
    Shellie ·

    Wow you look amazing x

  • Shellie
    Dedicated August 2013
    Shellie ·

    Wow you look amazing x

  • Emmerdoodle
    Expert April 2014
    Emmerdoodle ·

    You look beautiful and you son is adorable! Congratulations and best wishes!

  • kt2of3
    VIP October 2013
    kt2of3 ·

    Congratulations! So glad it was an amazing day. The pics are beautiful

  • Mrs. Ross2013
    Super November 2013
    Mrs. Ross2013 ·

    Congrats beautiful!!

  • Mrs. Bricker❤
    VIP October 2013
    Mrs. Bricker❤ ·

    You looked beautiful and I love your candy bar!

  • Mrs Drakthal
    Master September 2013
    Mrs Drakthal ·

    Candy bar looks like fun and you look mah-velous dahling!

  • Christine
    VIP September 2013
    Christine ·

    Thanks ladies. It truly was the perfect day. Apparently our son stole the show lol I can't wait to see the video.

  • Thankfully Anonymous
    Super February 2014
    Thankfully Anonymous ·

    A few things. Your son-adorable. I LOVE your garter--did you make that? I'm thinking of doing something similar. And your candy bar came out awesome. Great job! I hope your honeymoon is as amazing as the wedding!

  • TheNewMrsT
    VIP October 2013
    TheNewMrsT ·


  • K & A
    Super October 2013
    K & A ·

    Beautiful!! All the pictures are great, thanks for sharing!!


    GO BILLS!!!!!!

  • Christine
    VIP September 2013
    Christine ·

    Rach I got it off etsy she can combine the teams which I loved. The candy bar was a huge success. I can't wait for pro pics. I will tell you a this the tiny details do matter. I got more compliments on them. People really do notice them. The stones people signed in lieu of a traditional guest book was a hit even the venue signed one. I took them home and out them in a floor vase and they are gorgeous. I had such a good time. All the bridal

    Party and friends can't wait for video we have a night planned to watch it. I wish I could relive the day. I had the time of my life.

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