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Anyone ordered dresses from hebeos?

Shiena, on November 10, 2017 at 7:36 PM

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http://www.hebeos.com/about-us.html are they a reliable company

Http://www.hebeos.com/about-us.html are they a reliable company


  • L
    April 2019
    Leslie ·
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    DO NOT ORDER FROM HEBEOS!!!! I have created this profile to write this and warn others. The dresses are knock offs. What you see is not what you get. The dress I ordered for banquet was terrible. Picture showed blur and gold and I got a blue and silver dress, completely different than picture. It was ordered custom fit and was huge. When I tried to return they told take a tailor. So obvious it was a knock off. Material was cheap and although they have a 7 day return policy they do not honor it. My mistake in ordering from this site did not realize it comes from china. I'm out of 165 $ and no dress

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  • Brenda
    Just Said Yes October 2019
    Brenda ·
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    They are a complete scam pof a company. They sent me a sample wedding dress after paying for a full dress. The dress was nothing like the picture at all. Itnwas horrendous. When i contacted them they sent me 1 email saying it may need slight alterations and they cannot refundnme. Thence been ignoring me since. Their reviews aren't even theirs on their site. They're an asian company using other designers pictures and reviews without their permission. They have been listed as a DO NOT BUY company on line. They're a total scam

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  • Katlyn
    Just Said Yes May 2020
    Katlyn ·
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    DO NOT BUY FROM HEBEOS. The dresses are poorly made, and despite their clear return policy they do not accept returns for any reason. I’ve lost $550 to garbage knock offs that could have gone towards my wedding dress. I am so very disappointed. Planning your wedding is already stressful. I urge you not to waste your time and money on their scam. It’s just not worth it.
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  • Takia
    Just Said Yes June 2020
    Takia ·
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    Hi! I know this is late but I would love it if you would email me pictures. My **************@*****.***. Thanks!
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