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Any Brides planing on having a dollar dance? or did you have the dollar dance?

Mrs., on October 24, 2012 at 4:49 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice

Was it worth it? i dont really dance im kinda nervous is it only slow songs? how much money did you get if you dont mind me asking? also where does the money go? who holds it?



  • M
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    Married ·

    FH wants one so I think we're doing it, I don't know to what song though, and I'm not even 100% how it works, I should figure that out...

    My DJ did say it requires the cooperation of MOH and BM, they collect the money as you're dancing.

  • Spicydeene
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    Spicydeene ·

    I did have it for my first wedding (mid 20's)...a lot of brides were doing it at the time.

    Didn't do it this time - it would have been a little weird since I'm 41.

  • T
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    Taylor ·

    I personally have not had it, but everyone in my family has done it. It is not bad at all!!! you mostly rock back and forth with someone and chit chat a little while your new husband does the exact same thing with someone else on the same dance floor. It usually is not super slow songs but slow enough to be able to dance too. You end up getting quite a bit of money. I dont know an exact amount because that depends on how many guests you do. People usually contribute more then just one dollar as well. They also do not dance with you for one whole song, it is usually rotating around to different guests every 15 seconds or so. I would say if you have 100 guest you will likely get aroud $200-300 plus or minus a few. I have seen many different ways of who holds the money. I am going to have my maid of honor collect money for people who dance with me and the best man collect the money for people who dance with him. You can spend money on anything, ex. honeymoon or save it!

  • Mrs.
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    Mrs. ·

    Oh ok my mother wants me to do it and a friend of mine said we should that he went to a wedding last weekend and the couple got $2000 thats pretty awsome i think you dance for like 30 sec with whoever gives money... im not sure how it works wither does the FH dance to? does anyone know.

  • Mrs. Wise
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    Mrs. Wise ·

    We are gonna do it you choose the song to do it to we are using shake it for me by luke bryan

    I went to my ex's uncle's wedding and he did a money dance it was tons of fun and everyone gets involved i say do it

  • Married MyTrue Love©
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    Married MyTrue Love© ·

    Yep I did. It was a blast and we got a lot of extra money for our honeymoon.

  • Mrs. Wise
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    Mrs. Wise ·

    Oh and you can get money pouches or have them give them to your MOH and BM

  • Marissa
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    Marissa ·

    We will be doing the money dance... it's a filipino tradition. It's basically the same idea as the dollar dance, except when guests dance with you, they pin money onto your dress/tuxedo, the next guest adds on to whatever was already pinned...

  • Brittany
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    Brittany ·

    My cousin did it at hers a few weeks ago. People brought up a dollar (some were throwing out $20s and $50s!), they got a shot of vodka or whiskey, then danced with either the bride or groom.

    They made enough to cover their next month's rent.

    You can discuss with your band or DJ what kind of music you want played during that time. And you could possibly have members of your bridal party holding the money and/or shots?

  • K
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    Kat ·

    We did it. The songs we used were a little more upbeat and in between fast and slow but you can do whatever kind of songs you want if you're not comfortable dancing to slow songs with everyone. It can get a little uncomfortable with some people. I got a little purse on etsy that I used for money and the girls that danced with H stuck their dollars in his shirt, pockets, etc. When I was MOH in my sister's wedding, I stood next to her while she danced and collected money for her.

    H and I got about $250 from our money dance.

  • Beth
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    Beth ·

    Nope, not doing it. Not overly a fan.

  • vngb
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    vngb ·

    We did it. We picked a couple songs to dance to, and the DJ had to add 2 more and finally announced "This is the last one!!" We only had 45 guests!! We got a great amount of money considering how many people were there. You and FH dance to the same songs at the same time with whichever guest is next in line (you each have a line). The MOH coordinates for you and BM for FH. They typically take the money in a pouch (so that no one sees how much anyone else is giving) and make sure the line is moving quickly enough so that each person in line gets a chance to see you. We had a lot of fun. I thought it was also a great way to get a few seconds to chat with each person, too, and tell them how happy I was that they could come.

  • HoundMama
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    HoundMama ·

    Definitely not doing it here. But if you do decide to do one may I offer a smidge of advice? Please limit the # of songs and time spent dancing with each person. I have been to so many weddings where they will go on for as many as 10 songs or close to an hour (or at least it felt like it). It is so incredibly boring for the people who don't want to participate (if you chose all slow songs) especially if it goes on way too long. I have seen many people just leave because they were tired of waiting for the party to get started.

    I think they could be incredibly fun and memorable if they are handled the right way.

  • Stephanie ♥
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    Stephanie ♥ ·

    We did it, but only because DH really wanted to. I actually enjoyed dancing & being able to chat with them. We also got a few hundred dollars to spend on our honeymoon, so that didn't hurt either ;]

  • mrsg
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    mrsg ·

    Nope, it's considered rude and tacky where I'm from because your guests are already spending $$$ to attend your wedding and get you a gift or cash present. But if it's part of your culture, I guess that's different?

  • Kimmi
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    Kimmi ·

    It's very common in my area for people to do the dollar dance. I've seen it done several ways with the money... sometimes the MOH or a BM stands in the middle of the couple with a jar (or some other money storage container) and the guests line up to dance with the couple.

    We are not doing the dollar dance because I don't feel that it's appropriate for the type of wedding that we are having. Not to mention that we have been receiving very generous gifts and I feel like doing a dollar dance would make us seem a tad on the greedy side. I don't see anything wrong with it, it's just that we have chosen not to do it for our wedding.

  • KrystalH
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    KrystalH ·

    We didn't do it, it's not a thing around here, I didn't even know they existed until WW, I have been to about 10 weddings and they weren't done at any of them

  • Mrs.
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    Mrs. ·

    Sandy R i dont think its rude its actually very common its not rude because people dont have to do it your not making anyone do anything its just for fun and they can give you money as goodluck and congrats its only 1$ but i have heard people give alot more depending if its a family member and what not. im kinda nervous

  • Missy
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    Missy ·

    We did it... It is very common tradition in our area. We used an apron my grandmother (who has since passed away) made for my aunt's wedding (white silk apron) that my MOH wore and stood between me and my DH while we danced and she collected the money. It was an opportunity to dance with everybody and chat with them for a few seconds, which is why I wanted to do it more than for the money, though it was a nice addition!

  • IrishLove™
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    IrishLove™ ·

    Ive seen it, done IDK if we are going to do it I just feel wired asking guest to give me more money after gift you know>

    And usually the MOH stands with the groom and collects the money for him and the BM stands with the bride and collects the money for her.

    I was MOH in a wedding last spring and the BM and I had a competition to see who could collect the most money he won of course who wants to dance with the groom when you can dance with the bride lol!

    Edit: I didn't read certain comments before mine. I don't think it is rude or tacky just for me I feel bad asking for money when I would dance with anyone for free! I think I am going to be on such a high that day I don't care who I dance with! And it semi-common around here.

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