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Happily married.

Happily married 🎉

October 13, 2018

1318days 11hrs

I earned a badge!

1193 days ago

Break the Ice

We were hoping to hear what you had to say! You've broken the ice by sharing your thoughts in your very first discussion. We can't wait to see where the conversation goes.

Maren commented:

1361 days ago

Hi Erika! More about your proposal, how long ago was yours? Come join in and share about Your Wedding in Numbers in this series!

Lynnie commented:

1410 days ago

Who's finally in the double-digits on their wedding countdown? What do you still have left to do before you say "I do"? Come share your planning progress in this community discussion:

Lynnie commented:

1441 days ago

October brides - where are you honeymooning? Come share your October honeymoon destinations and ideas in this community discussion:

Lynnie commented:

1473 days ago

What are you DIYing and what are you definitely not?? Come share your "DIY or don't" decisions in these community discussions:

Lynnie commented:

1528 days ago

October NC brides - come plan with each other in this community discussion:

Lynnie commented:

1565 days ago

2018 NC Brides!! Come get to know each other by answering these 8 questions:

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