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  • Leslie

    Leslie · Married on 03/03/2012

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    I like every other bride was looking for the perfect wedding dress. I was on a tight budget since I’m not working, and my husband was the only one working. I fell in love with a design from Melina Christina, and thought it was even better when I got a deal from I DO DAILY, for a deal with her. Her dresses were more expensive than what I could afford on out budget. When she agreed to do her dress for my budget I was so happy, and thought she was so nice. I agreed to use the material she had so it could be at that cost. I paid her, and we signed the contract. I advised I needed the dress by late Dec because I had a vendor who was working on my cake topper that needed to see me in the dress. She agreed. Dec came and nothing, finally at the end of Dec she contacted me, and I went to try on the mock dress, which was not the actual dress. They told me we would be trying on the dress in 2 weeks, so I agreed to wait on the picture, and the other vendor agreed to wait 2 more weeks. Those 2 weeks came and went, then turned into a month. I wrote, I called and left messages, and nothing. Finally her assistant emailed me back saying there was a delay with the dress but that it was beautiful. No phone call from the designer, no follow up emails. Feb came and nothing, my wedding was a month away and I’m starting to get scared. I call over and over, no answer. Then 2 1/2 weeks before, the assistant text me saying she was with the seamstress that was doing my dress and it was almost finished, that the designer would be delivering it to me personally. Then nothing again. I called non stop, nothing. I drove to location that I had been going to see her, the one on her website. My heart almost dropped when I see the location EMPTY with a for LEASE sign. I asked the neighbors and they said she left in Jan. Why not tell me? No information at all. Finally my husband called from his job, and he got through. Come to find out that the dress was barely getting made because of a difference in the price. No one told me! She didn’t calculate the right material, and my dress was more expensive to get made. Why not tell me since the beginning? Why not give me my money back? Instead the 2 weeks before my wedding, I was stressed thinking I was NOT going to have my dress, since I wasn’t hearing anything from them. How could I find a dress this late? Finally on Monday before my wedding, I get a text from the assistant that my dress will be ready Wednesday. I believed her because I had to, that was my dress, paid for and there was no way to find another one. Come Wednesday I tried to confirm, nothing. So I just showed up to the address they gave me to go to. I met with the nice seamstress that made my dress happen. My dress was beautiful but only thanks to the wonderful seamstress that MADE the dress. The designer shows up, but no explanation, no apology, nothing. I even made a comment that I almost thought I wouldn’t have a dress and she completely ignored me and just kept saying how beautiful I looked in it. I was so angry I wish she wouldn’t have been there. She should have opened her mouth to say I’m sorry! She is a woman, she wouldn’t want to go through that stress right before her wedding... The dress still was not finished. I had to pick it up Friday at 11 am, the day before my wedding day. My dress was beautiful but I would never want someone to go through this, at least not a bride. If you are going with a designer make sure they know how to make their own dress and they don’t depend on a seamstress to make it, that way if there is a price change they can step up and go to how they "should" have started and sow, or if they have any business sense let the customer know what is going on, not just hide from them.

    Sent on 04/17/2012

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