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Gluten-free treats so amazing it's like a fairytale!

“When life gives you lemons, make lemon curd”, perhaps I misquoted a tad, however, that is the philosophy behind The Happy Tart.  I discovered I was gluten intolerant while attending the Professional Pastry Arts program at L’Academie de Cuisine.  Instead of dropping out I was determined to discover a way to make French Pastries and Cakes Gluten Free.

I spent a year researching and baking and tasting and researching again, to come up with gluten free French pastries and Cakes.  My staff uses French baking techniques to make the best tasting and most beautiful pastries and cakes.  We believe that every Bride and Groom should have a beautiful and delicious wedding cake on their wedding day.  One that they and their guests can all enjoy.  We meet with each couple at the bakery to design the cake of their dreams.  Give us a call today at 571-395-8280 to set up a tasting appointment!

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We had such a wonderful experience working with Emma and the Happy Tart team on our wedding cake! I have celiac so I needed a gluten-free cake for our wedding and decided to check out Happy Tart at the recommendation of a friend who had her wedding cake done by Happy Tart. Shortly into our tasting, I knew Happy Tart was who I wanted to work with! Emma was incredibly friendly and professional and greeted us warmly upon our arrival. She took the time to sit with us during and explain each of the different flavor options she had us try and talked about the different flours used, how different icings could withstand heat (we had a summer wedding), etc. Everything we tasted was incredibly delicious (as our wedding guests later attested to and agreed!) and the whole tasting experience really stood out compared to some of the other places we visited (only plain chocolate or plain vanilla gluten-free options; no one really available during tasting to answer any follow-up questions). Emma was also a pleasure to work with when we started to design our wedding cake and it turned out exactly as my husband and I had imagined! We'd highly recommend working with Happy Tart for your wedding cake!

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Profile Picture Laura, 6/30/18, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Cake
Services Used: Gluten Free, Consultations, Delivery

Try the magic that is this incredible cake!! Everyone LOVED our wedding cake, even guests who aren't huge fans of sweets. We had a perfect wedding day, and everyone had something wonderful to say about the cake. We had to stay late just to squirrel away the last few pieces. Absolutely amazing!

Profile Picture Adriana, 4/21/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake

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220x220 sq 1375820430589 fondant wedding cake with monogram and white roses with gold and pink centers
220x220 sq 1374606886968 fondant wedding cake with brocade lace and floating tiers
220x220 sq 1365609601651 buttercream wedding cake with frosted fall fruit
220x220 sq 1396797654173 2014011713381
220x220 sq 1404062240155 fondant sari cake
220x220 sq 1391456490700 wedding cake and macarons dessert tabl
220x220 sq 1375820900742 white chocolate curls and crystalized lilacs and violets wedding cake
220x220 sq 1391456099185 crimson holly wedding cak
220x220 sq 1391456249720 rectangular magnolia wedding cak
220x220 sq 1404062316220 silver and blue art deco cake
220x220 sq 1424459730193 2014 08 23
220x220 sq 1391456150936 gold scrollwork wedding cake with red rose
220x220 sq 1391456200261 ombre chevrons wedding cak
220x220 sq 1404062283230 macaron wedding cake with modeling chocolate capit
220x220 sq 1404062197479 dessert table red white and blue wedding
220x220 sq 1404062142429 buttercream wedding cake with purple lace ribbon p
220x220 sq 1424459830552 2014 11 10
220x220 sq 1365609632318 fondant wedding cake with black ribbon dots and monogram
220x220 sq 1384181811820 kendal wedding cak
220x220 sq 1384181840715 white fondant wedding cake with grey dots and pink
220x220 sq 1404062268224 gold painted buttercream wedding cake with net pip
220x220 sq 1384181674001 autumn flowers wedding cak
220x220 sq 1384183564389 buttercream wedding cake with crystalized rose
220x220 sq 1390842050910 forget me not wedding cak
220x220 sq 1391456063515 calla lilly wedding cak
220x220 sq 1396797823910 buttercream cake with scrollwork and deer toppe
220x220 sq 1404062208377 dragged buttercream cake with peach roses and forg
220x220 sq 1396797810900 blue spiral wedding cake with floating flower
220x220 sq 1404062252915 fondant wedding cake with sports logos chevrons an
220x220 sq 1390842061596 textured wave wedding cak
220x220 sq 1375822723814 green buttercream wedding cake
220x220 sq 1384181753357 buttercream wedding cake with purple modeling choc
220x220 sq 1396797793957 2013080817484
220x220 sq 1365110838501 cottage rose wedding cake
220x220 sq 1396797688785 2013110115090
220x220 sq 1404062298852 naked wedding cake with hydrangeas
220x220 sq 1404062097144 buttercream wedding cake with dots and white roses
220x220 sq 1404062159336 buttercream wedding cake with scrollwork and green
220x220 sq 1384183498812 lighthouse wedding cak
220x220 sq 1384183542647 sugar lighthous
220x220 sq 1391456181969 navy triple dot wedding cak
220x220 sq 1404062180165 buttercream wedding cake with white ribbon dots an
220x220 sq 1396797762539 2013081013305
220x220 sq 1391456348688 stargazer lilly wedding cak
220x220 sq 1391456262768 red white and blue wedding cak
220x220 sq 1404062170817 buttercream wedding cake with scrollwork and korea
220x220 sq 1365609608725 buttercream wedding cake with purple fondant band dots and gumpaste calla lillies
220x220 sq 1396797719275 2013102616080
220x220 sq 1404062108491 buttercream wedding cake with modeling chocolate r
220x220 sq 1365110881013 sugar gem wedding cake
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220x220 sq 1396797847607 white fondant wedding cake with royal blue gumpast
220x220 sq 1365110665273 william morris painted fondant wedding cake with peonies
220x220 sq 1365609616518 cupcake wedding cake with black bows
220x220 sq 1365110867292 swirl roses cupcake wedding cake 2
220x220 sq 1365609626218 cupcake wedding cake with swirls and blue green and white roses
220x220 sq 1384183455117 biker wedding cake
220x220 sq 1384183429896 biker wedding cak
220x220 sq 1391455953408 bird cage wedding cak
220x220 sq 1404062329763 single tiered flamenco cake
220x220 sq 1374606871044 buttercream wedding cake with ivory peonies
220x220 sq 1374606877583 buttercream wedding cake with lego people
220x220 sq 1375820409645 flowers and lace fondant wedding cake
220x220 sq 1396797739827 2013101815304
220x220 sq 1375820373455 buttercream wedding cake with black scrollwork and gold flowers
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220x220 sq 1365110758188 rock climbing wedding cake side image
220x220 sq 1365110746371 rock climbing wedding cake
220x220 sq 1365110807739 rock climbing wedding cake front
220x220 sq 1365110685640 white fondant wedding cake with peonies and green pearls
220x220 sq 1365110694707 white fondant triple dot wedding cake with royal icing roses
220x220 sq 1365110733755 royal icing forest monogram
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220x220 sq 1424459715018 2014 08 09
220x220 sq 1424459756512 2014 09 27 14.45.25
220x220 sq 1424459775692 2014 10 04 11.36.27
220x220 sq 1424459805166 2014 11 02 14.51.52
220x220 sq 1424459852939 20141025150335
220x220 sq 1424459883428 20150131162946

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220x220 sq 1405277334141 2013 11 10 10.37.50
220x220 sq 1405277384164 2014 06 28 17.31.45
220x220 sq 1405277410642 2014 06 28 17.33.45
220x220 sq 1405277433953 2014 06 28 17.33.54
220x220 sq 1405277458585 2014 06 28 17.34.04
220x220 sq 1405277486644 2014 06 28 17.34.17
220x220 sq 1405277507008 2014 06 28 17.34.26
220x220 sq 1405277551406 2014 06 28 17.34.34
220x220 sq 1405277574211 2014 06 28 17.34.46
220x220 sq 1405277595769 2014 06 28 17.35.18
220x220 sq 1405277620330 2014 06 28 17.35.25
220x220 sq 1424460483966 2014 08 30 16.39.14



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