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Your perfect wedding day begins here. Nashville Photography, DJ, Lighting and Photobooth.

Life is made of memories and your wedding day images will last a lifetime. From the dress and rings, the ceremony, those romantic portraits of the two of you, the First Dance, and all the in between moments. Telling your love story is our passion and we provide the experience, professionalism and a love for working with people. Photography, DJ/MC, Lighting and Photo booth, all in one convenient service.

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Ryan Photography, DJ and Lighting was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. Carolyn and Rick were absolutely incredible! Our package included Photography, DJ, Photo Booth, Uplighting and Engagement Session. What was so cool about the DJ service is that Rick sent out a link to an online request form about 2 weeks before the wedding that our guests absolutely loved! They really got into it, and this helped shape the music our DJ chose. There are no words for Carolyn and the amazing photos her and Rick took for us. While we only have a preview at the moment, they are exactly what we wanted. Carolyn and Rick do not do your cookie-cutter photos, they take the chance to get to know you and really make magical moments appear. They even did a phone meeting with us (would have done in person but I didn't have time) just a few days before our wedding to make sure we were all on the same page. Our guests absolutely adored the photo booth as well and were entertained all night by the great music. Thank you to their whole crew for making a memorable night. One more thing I'll say is that our engagement photos also turned out better than I could have ever dreamed. They were so us!

Photo of Ryan Photography, DJ & Lighting in Nashville, TN - Engagement Photo Session Example
Photo of Ryan Photography, DJ & Lighting in Nashville, TN - Wedding Dance Example
Profile Picture Emma, 4/14/18, 5 Reviews
Category: DJ, Lighting & Decor, Photography, Unique Services (Other)

We could not be more thrilled about our wedding photos! They are beyond gorgeous! We made some changes in the planning phase, and finally decided to just back off and let Carolyn and Rick make suggestions, which we followed. They were a joy the whole day and got absolutely stunning photos. Going Ryan Photography was the best vendor decision of our wedding! Thank you for making my day so wonderful! You guys are the best!

Profile Picture Melanie , 9/9/17, 1 Review
Category: DJ, Lighting & Decor, Photography

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Professional Network & Endorsements

I have worked with Rick Ryan several times now and he has been such a pleasure to work with! From DJ services & lighting to photobooths, this company is top notch and really knows how to get the party going! With so much to offer, it's a total win/win situation here! If I was getting married all over again, I would choose Rick Ryan Entertainment.

Rick does a great job and is very easy to work with. Guests can text well wishes to the bride and groom right at the reception. Lighting packages never get hot or blow fuses and he is funny as all get out. Love him

Rick Ryan is a one stop DJ service! His glowing client reviews speak for themselves. Professional, courteous, pays attention to detail. As a band, we typically don't endorse DJs. But after seeing what Rick does, it's clear that he's MORE than just a DJ. He's an "Entertainer". If you want to have a Top Quality DJ at your event, this is the man to call. Period.

Rick pays attention to what's going on so there are no dead spots in the energy of the celebration. Nice guy...very easy to work with.


4112 Nolensville Road #110662, Nashville, TN 37222   See On Map
615-390-2784 (phone)
Ryan Photography, DJ & Lighting is a wedding Photographer from Nashville servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Bowling Green, Clarksville, and Franklin. Ryan Photography, DJ & Lighting is a professional wedding photographer that has been part of the Nashville wedding industry since 2008 specializing in making our clients special day easy.