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About Oracle Band

Live music that EVERYONE will dance to! Serving Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington DC.
What is it that makes one band different from another? Oracle Band makes sure EVERYONE is involved in the celebration!

What is it that influences YOUR decision making process?

  • Is it "The Sound"?
    • Oracle Band is an affordable six piece band with a 15 piece sound.  Through the use of cutting edge technology Oracle will provide the kind of sound you hear on the original recordings.  We play the parts, not just the chords.  Intricate vocal harmonies (everyone in the band sings), violin / fiddle virtuosity, rock solid bass & drums, dynamic trumpet work, exciting guitar’s all there.  Some people have said they couldn’t believe a sound that full could come from a group this small.  Best of all, despite the big, fat, full sound, the volume is NEVER too loud.  YOU have the final word on volume, and we are well aware that a wedding is an event where family and friends want to socialize OFF the dance floor as well as on it.  We’ll ensure that everyone can hold a normal conversation without having to shout.
  • Is it the repertoire?
    • With over 500 songs for you to choose from, there are certain to be plenty of your favorites from the following styles:
      • The dance floor is always hopping when Oracle performs at a wedding. There is something for everyone! Motown
      • Top 40
      • Classic Rock
      • Swing
      • Country
      • Oldies
      • Big Band / Standards
      • Disco
    • If there’s a special song you’d like for your first dance or parent dance that we don’t already do, we’ll learn it for you, no problem.  As if that weren’t enough, since we bring a live DJ to each wedding, we can spin ANY of your favorite songs in between the band’s sets.  You get the excitement and energy of a live band, coupled with the expansive repertoire of a DJ, all in one reasonably priced package.
    • Want to check out our repertoire?  Head on over to the Oracle Band Songlist Page and see for yourself the kind of variety we offer
    Watch the faces of the folks on the dance floor.  You can TELL they’re having fun!
      • Is it the PRICE?
        • Ah...we struck a "chord" (sorry) there!  It’s usually the first question anyone asks, and it tends to be the last one anyone wants to answer.  We’re not afraid to put it right out front.  We charge the same amount no matter what.  Hiring a band shouldn’t be like buying a used car, where you have to "negotiate".  Oracle charges $2400 for a four hour reception within the Maryland / Northern Virginia / Washington DC metropolitan area, and $400 for each additional hour.  We feel this is one of the most competitive rates you’ll find anywhere.
      • Is it the attitude?
        • Are you ready for some FUN?  We are!  We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t LOVE what we do.  When WE have fun, EVERYONE has fun!  A wedding is never "just another gig" to Oracle.  We enjoy each and every performance, we treat them ALL as the most important, and yet we respect the fact that this is YOUR wedding, not a band showcase.  YOU are the stars of the show, not the band.  Your wedding day should be a reflection of YOUR passions, YOUR tastes, and YOUR personalities.  Oracle will help to ensure that your wedding day bears the mark of YOUR personality.

        • Our commitment to you doesn’t end when the ink on the contract is dry.  We are always available for consultation as you move forward with your plans.  If you need ideas, if you want to bounce ideas off of us, or if you’re uncertain about any aspect of the planning process, you’re always welcome to give us a call, or drop us an e-mail  Since we are an independent band you are always dealing directly with the band members and not through a third party agent that may or may not pass your wishes on to the band.

      We’d love to have you come out to hear the band perform live.  We maintain an extensive public performing schedule so you can come out to hear the band live without having to crash someone else’s wedding!  Many bands today consider themselves above performing in nightclubs or restaurants, but hey...Oracle is different...remember?  We LOVE to play, no matter where it may be.

      You can find out where we’ll be performing by visiting the Oracle Band Calendar Page.  We have all of our public performances listed, as well as directions to all of the locations.  This is how you should be evaluating bands, by hearing and seeing them perform live, wthout having to crash someone else’s wedding!  Unfortunately far too many bands these days consider themselves beneath performing in clubs or restaurants.

      Our website also has literally thousands of photos from various public performances.  Check out the Oracle Band Photo Galleries and you can see for yourself just how much fun everyone has at one of the band’s performances.  We have created a special photo gallery right here on the WeddingWire website of photos we’ve taken at many of the various weddings we have performed at over the years. 

      From indoors to outdoors, from afternoons to evenings, we get people to DANCE!  Check out the faces of the folks on the dance floor.  They are having FUN! You can also see how we interact with the crowd, from bringing the kids up on stage with us to play a tambourine to bringing the wedding party up with us to sing a song.

      Are you out of town and perhaps can’t make it out to one of our live performances?  That’s OK.  You can listen to over 100 song excerpts right from our website.  All of the clips you hear were recorded directly off the mixing board in live performance.  What you hear is what you get.  There were no studio tricks, overdubs, retakes, or anything like that.  Go to our Audition the Band page to give us a listen.



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Regions serviced: Washington DC, Baltimore

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We hired Oracle band for our wedding in August, and we were absolutely thrilled with our decision! Veronica, the band leader, was very professional and responsive to us leading up to the wedding, and the band really took the time to know exactly what we wanted. They even learned 2 songs especially for us! They also took their entire break during dinner, and then played for over 3 hours straight once the party kicked off. This band is so talented and can play many genres of music. They also served as MC for our reception. They absolutely made our wedding awesome - the dance floor was packed the entire night. The number 1 comment we received from our guests was about how great our band was. They are very reasonably priced as well. I cannot recommend Oracle Band enough. Hire them for your wedding now!

Profile Picture Lee Anne, 8/9/14, 2 Reviews
Category: Band

Oracle did such an AMAZING JOB on our wedding day!! We got married on March 29, 2014 and my family and friends are still talking about how amazing the band was! Everyone agreed it made the best reception they’d ever been too! They sound amazing (sound clips on the website don’t do them justice!) and they were amazing to work with! So friendly and professional! Veronica was so sweet and when I finally met her I couldn’t wait to hug her! Our wedding day was for sure the best day of our lives and Oracle Band will always stand out as one of the best parts! Highly recommend them if you want everyone dancing the whole night! Our guests were still dancing as we skipped out the door!

Profile Picture Kathryn, 3/29/14, 4 Reviews
Category: Band

Fantastic!!! There's nothing more I can say. They gauge the audience well and there was never a dull moment. The dance floor was filled the entire time and everyone was raving about them. LOVE THEM!!

Profile Picture Brittany, 4/13/13, 5 Reviews
Category: Band

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10% active duty military, police, & firefighter discount

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You folks put your lives on the line for us. The least we can do is offer a blanket 10% discount to the men and women serving in our armed forces, responding to fires & other disasters, and maintaining law and order. God bless you all!!!

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Great Band and what a show. Tina

Oracle Band is one of the most talented live bands I have ever heard perform at a wedding reception. Their selections featured music from nearly every genre, including slow dances, rock and roll, hard rock, pop, hip-hop and even some instrumentals (including a Phantom of the Opera cover!). Every member of the band was extremely energetic, lively, fun and friendly...which resulted in a fully-packed dance floor. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a super talented live band to perform at your wedding or special event!

Oracle is a Maryland favorite! We have them play often and WOW, what a following they have. Their fans are die hard fans. This band is very energetic. They know so many popular songs from 60's to current pop/dance songs. They have great pricing. Give them a chance, you will become a die hard fan like us! 5 stars from the La Fontaine Bleue!

Great music...great fun. Will have your party goovin"!!!


19359 Keymar Way, Montgomery Village, MD 20886   See On Map
800-470-0711 (phone)