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Hello Beautiful, my name is Ivette. I am a local makeup artist in the Niceville/Destin area. When I am not doing bridal services I am traveling doing makeup for models all over the country and international. I use high quality products and I am experienced in ALL skin types and skin tones. Doing makeup is not only my job but it is my passion to help embrace your natural beauty. Thank you for considering me to be a part of your special day whether it be for your wedding day, prom, special event(s) photoshoots, or even halloween...etc. 

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Ivette seriously is everything!!! I was super picky on my brows, and Ivette worked with me non-stop until they were perfect! Everyone in my bridal party looked absolutely stunning!!! Ivette was worth every penny and more. She is truly an artist, and really accentuates everyone's natural beauty. I cannot wait to get the pictures back from my photographer, I will make sure to update when I do!!!!
Thank you Ivette, you were an absolute delight and I felt like a Victoria Secret model on my wedding day!

Profile Picture Alyssa, 5/20/18, 7 Reviews
Category: Beauty & Health
Services Used: Contour Makeup, Eye Makeup, Fake Lashes, Natural Makeup, On-Site Makeup, Wedding Party Makeup, Makeup

I'm a professional model, and I'd like to preface this by saying I am very picky about who I allow to do my makeup and hair due to the fact that I'm also an amateur MUA and a bit of a perfectionist. I was not asked to write this review, and I rarely write them to begin with. I only review products, companies, or quality of work when I feel strongly about it. Ivette did my makeup for a shoot with a very talented photographer, and it was important that I look basically flawless. Not only was she able to completely cover all of my blemishes, large pores, blackheads, hyperpigmentation, dark circles and redness, but she also picked a foundation that was the exact shade of my skin in literally seconds. She is a perfectionist without taking too long and every look she created was flawless from every angle; in person and on film. We were attending an event with several other models, and every look she created for them was just as immaculate as well. Her range is also incredible. She can create every look you can think of and then some, from natural to glam to high-fashion to special effects. She was extremely well prepared, organized, and was able to work amazingly well under pressure. Even the process of applying false lashes wasn't the least bit uncomfortable. In fact, she was actually to make it feel almost as though I wasn't even wearing false lashes. I would consider her a true expert when it comes to makeup application. On top of all this, she also has an incredible amount of knowledge about hair care, skin care, etc. Because of this, she was able to use the correct formulas for every individual models' skin type, face shape, and coverage needs. As if all this wasn't enough, she is also genuinely sweet and personable - an absolute joy to be around. The makeup application process was also very gentle and even relaxing - no tugging or abrasive movements that could irritate the skin. This woman is the REAL DEAL. You will not regret hiring her!

Profile Picture Abrey, 5/15/18, 1 Review
Category: Beauty & Health

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Makeup by Ivette Noemi is a wedding Makeup Artist from Niceville servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Destin, Panama City , and Pensacola. Makeup by Ivette Noemi is a professional Makeup Artist that has been part of the Emerald Coast wedding industry since 2011 specializing in Complexion, color, and special effects..