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Award winning, International wedding photographer, educator and fashion junkie - Kristen Weaver specializes in a style she classifies as ‘comfortable luxury’. Since opening her photography business in 2009, she has photographed couples all over the world as they’ve said their ‘I Do’s’ and celebrate with their friends and family. Now expanding her business, she has an industrial-style studio in Orlando, FL and has developed a strong associate and internship program to expand the KWP Brand. Kristen commissions a limited number of weddings each year along with working on number of advertising campaigns, model and editorial shoots. 

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Regions serviced: Orlando

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Where do I start!!!... Ok, I will try to keep this short but it has always been a dream f mine to have Kristen as our photographer for our wedding. I have never seen someone that captures the beauty in a wedding like she does. On top of it she is the kindest, most compassionate person. She makes you feel so comfortable and as if you have had been friends fr years. If you are searching for someone that you can connect with and also have them take the best pictures you will ever see for your special day I would highly highly recommend Kristen!!!
Kristen thank you so much for everything!!!!

Photo of Kristen Weaver Photography in Oviedo, FL
Profile Picture Christen, 1/13/18, 3 Reviews
Category: Photography

Kristen Weaver Photography was one of the BEST choices I could have made when I was planning my wedding. Kristen had done some of my friend's weddings and her work is simply the best in town. Kristen first shot our engagement photos and made my husband and I so comfortable in front of the camera. Kristen made scheduling easy and her amazing team was always quick to respond to my questions. On our wedding day Kristen was professional and fun to work with. She went above and beyond to make the day run smoothly and we were able to stay on schedule. We are so thankful for all the beautiful pictures of our special day! We received a “sneak peek” just days after the wedding with the remainder of the pictures sent to us less than two months later. Thank you, Kristen for capturing all the moments and memories of our wedding day with the most exceptional pictures!

Profile Picture Jessica, 11/18/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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Kristen Weaver

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Amalie by KWP

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Professional Network & Endorsements

I have only had the pleasure of working with Kristen a couple of times, but trust me when I say...she is AMAZING! She is talented and has a knack for capturing the most beautiful moments between her couples. I am always inspired by her work.

We always enjoy working with Kristen and her entire photography team. The photo style is always elegant and captures the moment of romance. A wonderful photographer to share your day!

Kristen Weaver has the most timeless style in photography! Such beautiful work! Highly recommend! ~Kalie Drake, Bridal Department Coordinator for About Face Design Team

We love working with Kristen Weaver. She is fun and talented! Her pictures from weddings she has done with us, constantly get rave reviews. She is worth every penny!




1164 Smithfield Way, Suite 1126, Oviedo, FL 32765   See On Map
407-476-4597 (phone)
Kristen Weaver Photography is a wedding photographer from Orlando, FL. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville. Kristen Weaver Photography is a professional wedding photographer that has been part of the Orlando wedding industry for 6 years. We specialize in a contemporary, romantic and fashion-forward style.