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About Jeff Anderson Photography

Calmy Capturing the Chaos.

Jeff Anderson Photography is a wedding photography company based in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. Jeff connects with each client, hearing their wishes for their wedding photos, so that he can bring their vision to life. His goal is to provide a fun, memorable experience and meaningful photos of your big day that you can cherish for years to come!

Services Offered
Jeff Anderson Photography offers many services for capturing the special moments and details of your wedding experience. These wedding photography services include:

  • Additional hours
  • Willingness to travel
  • Engagement shoot
  • High-res images
  • Liability insurance
  • Second shooter
  • Slideshow
  • Toning
  • Trash the dress
  • Wedding portraits


Other Services

Jeff Anderson Photography also offers many ways to preserve and share your treasured wedding memories. These photography items include:

  • Albums
  • Canvases
  • Digital files
  • Flush mount
  • Matted prints
  • Printouts
  • Proofs
  • Save the date
  • Thank you cards

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Regions serviced: Philadelphia

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36 Reviews for Jeff Anderson Photography

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Engagement Shoot (3)
Liability Insurance (3)
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Jeff Anderson Photography made my wedding day! They managed our crazy group with such ease. They were so calming to work with, but most importantly our pictures turned out amazing! It was like christmas morning going through all the pictures from our special day.

Profile Picture Laura, 9/30/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography

Jeff and his team are fantastic in every way! He was absolutely amazing to work with - flexible with mine and my husband's hectic schedules, able to work with us to create a package to meet our specific want & needs, and super helpful through the entire process from start to finish! From the first time I spoke to Jeff over the phone, I immediately felt comfortable with him which really meant a lot to me because I've always felt pretty awkward having my picture taken.

The day of our wedding, he was extremely helpful in guiding us (and our large family & bridal parties) through the day and keeping us on track. At one point, our ring bearer started to get a little antsy during photos and without hesitation, Jeff jumped into action. He casually distracted him by letting him go behind the camera to take pictures, which not only calmed him down, but was also a huge relief to my sister who had spent the day chasing kids around. To say that he went above & beyond would be a huge understatement.

We got our pictures back a few weeks ago and were completely blown away. We are in love with every single picture, and it's been almost impossible to narrow it down and pick our favorites to put in an album. He and his team captured exactly what we were looking for, and we couldn't be happier. Jeff also created our thank you cards for us, which was a huge help. Really can't say enough about how happy and grateful we are for Jeff and his team!

Profile Picture Tina, 6/16/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Event Rentals & Photobooths, Photography
Services Used: Second Shooter, Wedding Portraits, Digital Files, Proofs, Thank You Cards

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High-Res Images
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144 Photos

Wedding Images I

49 Photos
220x220 sq 1423884947874 jeffandersonphotography 106jef3552
220x220 sq 1422637240615 0122and7650
220x220 sq 1423018309158 0205jef8039
220x220 sq 1423018352371 0250and7768
220x220 sq 1423517308995 jeffandersonphotography 103jef3537
220x220 sq 1423517314523 jeffandersonphotography 0125and5269
220x220 sq 1423517322362 jeffandersonphotography 0166and6531
220x220 sq 1423517329711 jeffandersonphotography 0206and3697
220x220 sq 1423517335841 jeffandersonphotography 0448and7013
220x220 sq 1423517342206 jeffandersonphotography 0457and5848
220x220 sq 1423517347897 jeffandersonphotography 0459and3132
220x220 sq 1423517353485 jeffandersonphotography 0509and6069
220x220 sq 1423517359517 jeffandersonphotography 0560jef3592
220x220 sq 1423517364490 jeffandersonphotography 0586and6296
220x220 sq 1423517376057 jeffandersonphotography katerossalbum 31
220x220 sq 1423884790039 jeffandersonphotography 0002and0205
220x220 sq 1423884795256 jeffandersonphotography 0007and0365
220x220 sq 1423884801776 jeffandersonphotography 0009jef8044
220x220 sq 1423884807534 jeffandersonphotography 0018and3405
220x220 sq 1423884814844 jeffandersonphotography 0026jef5271
220x220 sq 1423884824953 jeffandersonphotography 036and4714
220x220 sq 1423884836821 jeffandersonphotography 0039and0528
220x220 sq 1423884845932 jeffandersonphotography 0045jef5405
220x220 sq 1423884853887 jeffandersonphotography 0047jef5428
220x220 sq 1423884861068 jeffandersonphotography 0048and3665
220x220 sq 1423884872378 jeffandersonphotography 060and4929
220x220 sq 1423884884459 jeffandersonphotography 0077and1016
220x220 sq 1423884892218 jeffandersonphotography 0079and3916
220x220 sq 1423884899717 jeffandersonphotography 0083jef9059
220x220 sq 1423884905687 jeffandersonphotography 0085and3936
220x220 sq 1423884918767 jeffandersonphotography 0087jef4303
220x220 sq 1423884932339 jeffandersonphotography 0092and1176
220x220 sq 1423884939028 jeffandersonphotography 0092jef5904
220x220 sq 1423884957744 jeffandersonphotography 0117jef5972 edit
220x220 sq 1423884969279 jeffandersonphotography 123jef3651
220x220 sq 1423884982166 jeffandersonphotography 0244jef7710
220x220 sq 1423884995426 jeffandersonphotography 0312jef8269
220x220 sq 1423885011353 jeffandersonphotography 0422jef6356
220x220 sq 1423885023244 jeffandersonphotography 0424jef7943
220x220 sq 1423885033039 jeffandersonphotography 0458and1633
220x220 sq 1423885043618 jeffandersonphotography 0461and8046
220x220 sq 1423885055866 jeffandersonphotography 0563jef5813a
220x220 sq 1423885076580 jeffandersonphotography 0580jef5908
220x220 sq 1423885096347 jeffandersonphotography 0593and8236
220x220 sq 1423885112218 jeffandersonphotography 0649jef8834
220x220 sq 1423885127323 jeffandersonphotography 0666jef8939
220x220 sq 1423885140520 jeffandersonphotography and1605
220x220 sq 1423885158842 jeffandersonphotography katerossalbum 25
220x220 sq 1423885175449 jeffandersonphotography katerossalbum 26

Wedding Images II

95 Photos
220x220 sq 1508342155887 0070and7285
220x220 sq 1508341820813 0015and3139
220x220 sq 1508341819601 0007jap9722
220x220 sq 1508341842492 0023and6819
220x220 sq 1508341861773 0025jap9951
220x220 sq 1508341881322 0025jef3133
220x220 sq 1508341897939 0026and6862
220x220 sq 1508341913346 0028and6955
220x220 sq 1508341931345 0034jef3150
220x220 sq 1508341947181 0037jef1594
220x220 sq 1508341965570 0038and7004
220x220 sq 1508341982084 0040jef3196
220x220 sq 1508342002541 0042jap0118
220x220 sq 1508342020438 0044jef1602
220x220 sq 1508342040426 0045jef3216
220x220 sq 1508342054817 0047jap0217
220x220 sq 1508342070356 0048and7050 edit
220x220 sq 1508342084277 0059jap0267
220x220 sq 1508342099509 0061and8509
220x220 sq 1508342113749 0066and8555
220x220 sq 1508342127631 0066jef3349
220x220 sq 1508342142335 0068jef3363
220x220 sq 1508342173121 0078jef3464
220x220 sq 1508342195923 0081jef3482
220x220 sq 1508342216486 0084and7392
220x220 sq 1508342238827 0089and5663
220x220 sq 1508342261792 0099jap0560
220x220 sq 1508342276401 0106jap0606
220x220 sq 1508342290049 0122and8727
220x220 sq 1508342304135 0125jef4113
220x220 sq 1508342320425 0138and8738
220x220 sq 1508342334098 0252jap5693
220x220 sq 1508342348092 0289jef4649
220x220 sq 1508342364458 0302jef4664
220x220 sq 1508342380929 0306jap0268
220x220 sq 1508342394226 0308jap0284
220x220 sq 1508342407868 0347jef2111
220x220 sq 1508342424154 0380jef8564
220x220 sq 1508342442600 0404jef2310
220x220 sq 1508342458069 0408jef2335
220x220 sq 1508342473782 0421jef4883
220x220 sq 1508342487704 0427jef4912
220x220 sq 1508342501809 0465jef2545
220x220 sq 1508342515900 0486jef2595
220x220 sq 1508342530032 0517jef2661
220x220 sq 1508342546478 0534jef2689
220x220 sq 1508342563182 0550and8270
220x220 sq 1508342580787 0563jef2780
220x220 sq 1508342596254 0578and0364
220x220 sq 1508342612505 0595jap6024
220x220 sq 1508342631319 0602jap6038 edit
220x220 sq 1508342648292 0603jap6040
220x220 sq 1508342662214 0612jef2913
220x220 sq 1508342676127 0612jef3215
220x220 sq 1508342690984 0673jef3048
220x220 sq 1508342705722 0679and0176
220x220 sq 1508342723417 0681jap6480
220x220 sq 1508342739305 0691jap8919
220x220 sq 1508342756005 0695jef4981
220x220 sq 1508342769983 0698jef4997
220x220 sq 1508342783298 0701p1090139
220x220 sq 1508342799754 0711jap1238
220x220 sq 1508342813720 0711jef5232
220x220 sq 1508342830868 0739jap9070
220x220 sq 1508342846430 0763and0650
220x220 sq 1508342862005 0858jef3474
220x220 sq 1508342880696 0865jef3503
220x220 sq 1508342898602 ashleymikecairnwoodestatejeffanderson0093
220x220 sq 1508342909967 ashleymikecairnwoodestatejeffanderson0094
220x220 sq 1508342921692 ashleymikecairnwoodestatejeffanderson0095
220x220 sq 1508342939127 ashleymikecairnwoodestatejeffanderson0096
220x220 sq 1508342954756 ashleymikecairnwoodestatejeffanderson0097
220x220 sq 1508342973096 blueheronpinesnjjeffanderson0081
220x220 sq 1508342989098 blueheronpinesnjjeffanderson0082
220x220 sq 1508343002131 deidremattjeffandersonphotography0123
220x220 sq 1508343014760 deidremattjeffandersonphotography0124
220x220 sq 1508343026492 deidremattjeffandersonphotography0125
220x220 sq 1508343043198 deidremattjeffandersonphotography0126
220x220 sq 1508343053585 deidremattjeffandersonphotography0127
220x220 sq 1508343064142 jef9862
220x220 sq 1508343080251 marissachrisjeffandersonphotography0122
220x220 sq 1508343091015 nicholebillthemerionjeffanderson0087
220x220 sq 1508343102017 nicholebillthemerionjeffanderson0089
220x220 sq 1508343116624 nicholebillthemerionjeffanderson0090
220x220 sq 1508343128972 nicholebillthemerionjeffanderson0091
220x220 sq 1508343140883 rickjenineterranovajeffanderson0098
220x220 sq 1508343152073 rickjenineterranovajeffanderson0099
220x220 sq 1508343165734 rickjenineterranovajeffanderson0100
220x220 sq 1508343180716 scottgealinablueheronpinesjeffanderson0083
220x220 sq 1508343195239 scottgealinablueheronpinesjeffanderson0084
220x220 sq 1508343211469 scottgealinablueheronpinesjeffanderson0085
220x220 sq 1508343223763 scottgealinablueheronpinesjeffanderson0086
220x220 sq 1508343234993 valgregjeffandersonphotography0114
220x220 sq 1508343245569 valgregjeffandersonphotography0115
220x220 sq 1508343259086 valgregjeffandersonphotography0116

Professional Network & Endorsements

I highly recommend Jeff to all of my couples. He does amazing work and is without a doubt one of the best photographers we work with. He is extremely flexible, easy going, but very focused and attentive to every detail at the same time. Very talented AND affordable.


1 West 3rd Street, Suite 104, Media, PA 19063   See On Map
610-543-4941 (phone)
By Appointment Only
Jeff Anderson Photography is a wedding professional photographer from Philadelephia region. We service weddings throughout the local area, including South Jersey, Delaware County, and Bucks County. Jeff Anderson Photography is a professional wedding photographer that has been part of the South Jersey wedding industry for twelve years. We specialize in personalized services, with a photojournalistic, boutique and portraiture style.