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Making your day as fun and stress free as possible!
Fucci's Photos of Boston specializes in wedding and special occasion photography and serves New England. Our products are Facebook friendly and YouTube usable. All our services that will perfectly capture your special day are offered to you at very affordable prices.  As a token of apprecation for our country's exceptional service men and women, we offer a 5% military discount. 

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Our primary photographer is Vail Fucci.  Vail's wedding photography style is a mix of artistic photojournalism and traditional portrait work. While she is extremely focused on capturing those special moments that make your day so unique, she also strives to make sure that you will get the beautifully composed family portraits that your family members will surely want to frame and put on their mantles. As you go through her photos you may notice that they have a different and romantic cast of colors. This is due to the fact that when it is possible, Vail uses natural light. This more accurately depicts your day, allows her to more easily blend into the background, and means less annoying flashbulbs going off in your eyes.

Vail is very warm and engaging and will be there not only to document your event, but will also be there to help if needs be. Be it a bobby pin, helping to bustle the bride's dress, or helping to tie a bow tie or fit a groomsman's vest, she will be there to assist you. She wants to make that day easy and stress free for you, because that is a recipe for beautiful photographs. To facilitate that, Vail will meet with the couple prior to the day of the wedding. She prefers to meet people in person, but if necessary the consult can take place over the phone. During that time she'll go over the schedule for the day with you, and with your input Vail will create a shot list. If there are some shots that are more important to you and your families than others, you'll have a chance to specify that. The day of the wedding, Vail will then work with your bridesmaids, groomsmen, or ushers to bring together the people you want in your photos in advance. This is a huge time saver so you don't have to worry if you'll be able to get all the shots you wanted.

Vail will also work with you to understand what type of interaction you want to have with her on the day of the event. If you want your every move documented or you'd rather the guests be the center of her attention, you can feel comfortable knowing she will listen to what you want.

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Regions serviced: Boston

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Let me start out by saying that Vail is the best photographer you're going to get - hands down. The level of professionalism with a personal touch is higher than I could have ever expected. My wife and I first met with her for an engagement shoot. She traveled an hour to come shoot at the beach near where we lived, and even came early to be sure she knew where the best shots would be. We knew right away that we wanted her to be our wedding photographer as well. Vail was available through phone, email, and Facebook to help plan out the details of what we wanted. She scoped out the location before the wedding and felt comfortable telling us the location we chose might not be the best for photos and suggested an even better place (thank goodness she did). She showed up, with two assistants, to my wife's house early and helped her out with her dress and gave her encouraging words.

One thing that you will never have to worry about with Vail is having her miss a shot. She will do anything to get the perfect shot - standing on chairs and laying on the floor is not uncommon! Keep in mind, she was far along in her pregnancy when she did all of this, and you can really tell she is doing what she loves. She rolls with the punches - when we wanted to have a few shots on the beach, she gave me some garbage bags to put on my feet so my shoes would not be covered in sand. When my wife's hair started to lose it's curls, she had a curling iron ready for her to go. The pictures came out PERFECTLY. You can view it on her site (June 2015).

After the wedding, we went to visit her at her home and she had even made us cookies while we looked through our photos! I can't recommend this woman enough, if you choose her for your wedding, engagement, or anything else I promise you that you will not regret it. She will always remain a friend to me and my wife and I thank her for everything she's done for us.

Profile Picture Christopher, 6/13/15, 1 Review
Category: Photography
Services Used: Albums, Digital Files, Second Shooter, Additional Hours, Engagement Shoot, High-Res Images, Slideshow

Perfection! My husband and I could not be more grateful for our experience with Vail. From the very beginning, she was responsive, professional and detail-oriented. She made sure that we were at complete ease leading up and during the wedding. She also thinks of everything...from touching up my make-up at the end of the night to actually sewing my bustle in the middle of the reception...she was a wedding saver! And what's even better, is that her photographs are truly enchanting. She really told our story through her photos, and captured some of the most heartfelt moments of our day. Great experience and memories for always!

Profile Picture Lauren, 12/20/14, 4 Reviews
Category: Photography

We called Vail because of her amazing portfolio of journalistic and formal shots. Few people can do both. The portraits looked natural, and she captured emotions like few others can. SHORT VERSION - her pictures of our wedding day were magnificent, and we couldn't have hoped for more. MORE DETAIL - After a few minutes of speaking with her, we knew she was the one - and OHMIGOSH are we lucky we did. Vail was there for us, literally there for us, every step of the way. Her responsiveness is unbelievable - and Vail was a guide through the whole wedding process. Vail's care and compassion carries over into every single thing she does. A few immediate family members have memory and mobility issues. Vail drove to our hotel a month before (more than an hour from her house), scouted around, and found amazing locations right in the hotel parking lot. After the wedding, we heard similar stories from other family members about how Vail swooped in and made a situation better. She did so many behind the scenes kindnesses, that many in our family even called her our guardian angel. I think there's some truth to this. Vail is known as the dancing photographer - and here's the scoop. Vail is an amazing dancer – but she dances to capture the wonder of the event. She dances to get people dancing- during a lull in our reception, Vail got a dance circle going, complete with people clapping. Then she hopped out, pulled the bride and me (groom) for one of the best photo ops ever. Time and time again, we were blown away by her creativity. Did I mention the pictures were BREATHTAKING? Vail is one of the most talented photographers I have ever met. Since the photographer is the person you spend most of your day with, the fact that she is one of the most wonderful people we have ever met almost guarantees you will have the day of your dreams. With Vail's help, we did. And we are so blessed she was there to capture it.

Profile Picture Matthew, 9/27/14, 1 Review
Category: Photography
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Professional Network & Endorsements

Vail, like most photographers, took the round-about route to wedding photography, and once you see her pictures and interact with her, you will be left with a single question... What took you so long. She's fabulously positive and upbeat, and creative and passionate as well. Boston has a fantastic gem with this person, and you will know why when you contact her for your event.

Vail is an amazing photographer with a personality that shines through in her work, you can't help but smile when around her. The connection she has with her couples is 2nd to none, which is how she is able to really draw the emotion out in her images. When I'm booked Vail is the 1st person I recommend the client contact as she has the same attention to detail and love of capturing a couple's special day as I do.

Fucci's Photos of Boston is a photogrpaher you can trust to capture your wedding perfectly!!! With a convenient location in down town Boston and willingness to travel - there is no one better and reasonable priced!!! You will get every penny worth and more out of this most excited and talented photographer!!!! Fucci's Photos of Boston is our number one vendor on referral list!!!!

Working with Fucci Photos of Boston was a great experience not only for us, but our clients as well. Vail and her staff are just what is needed to keep photography running on time. She is organized and her attention to the details when taking pictures are amazing. She has a quite yet professional way about her that makes clients feel very comfortable. We look forward to a continued business relationship with Fucci Photo! Holly and the Team at In the PINK Ink Events

Vail is a FABULOUS photographer! As a newlywed herself, Vail is in touch with what a bride desires on her big day (and what she'd like to see once it's over)! She has an amazing spirit that exudes through her body of work and a level of professionalism that surpasses most in the industry. She is nothing but a joy to work with and I look forward to partnering with her again in the future!


58 Pond Street, Newton, MA 02458   See On Map
617-939-4848 (phone)