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Philly's best animated Gif Booth and wedding photography

Philly's Best Animated Gif Booth 

A booth kids and your grandma will both use. Whether it's a button up event or an event where everyone wants to let loose, this is the perfect booth. 





Oh and by the way, we are wedding photographers as well!

Rated Top 5 Wedding Photographer in Philadelphia

“He treats weddings as individually as the people in them.” – Inked Magazine, April 2014

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Philadelphia's most famous wedding photographer.  As seen in over 100 publications worldwide and Mike Allebach's wedding articles on Offbeat Bride and Tattooed Bride have been read by over 1/2 million brides  & photographers. 

 See images at http://allebachphotography.com

"One thing that will grab you instantly in Mike Allebach’s pictures is the depth of love and admiration between couples."
- Indulgd Magazine

Welcome! I make people feel comfortable being photographed. It's why awesome people like you book me. What most people tell me is they visited 100 wedding photographers websites and saw the same poses over and over and over.  Then they saw some of these amazing couples in love and it felt, well...different.

Check for availability at  http://allebachphotography.com

"Mike totally gets offbeat brides" - Ariel, Offbeat Bride


Quirky, colorful, creative, awesome people choose Allebach Photography.  I have photographed offbeat, gay, trans, straight, straight-edge, roller girl, nerdy, steampunk, punk rock, rockabilly, tattooed, not-tattooed, interfaith and couples with disabilities.  Some people give their weddings a label or a style.  And some couples just celebrate marriage.What people tell me is I’m accepting. No matter what group, condition, life-stage or lifestyle you consider yourself to belong to, I can photograph your union and your partner in crime.

"Thank you so much for your beautiful work!!!" - Karly Cleary, Best Ink TV 2014 Winner

Featured in Buzzfeed, Huffington Post Weddings, Love.ly, Daily Mail UK, Inked Magazine, Resource Magazine, Offbeat Bride, TattooedBride.com, Rock n Roll Bride, Broke Ass Bride, WeddingBee, PetaPixel, Gothic Weddings, The Knot, Marry Me Ink, Philadelphia Wedding Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer & Philadelphia Weddings. 

"AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we are with Mike & their Office Ninja! They made us feel comfortable, answered our questions, were very professional and flexible. The engagement pictures were, (not to sound redundant) AMAZING! We can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. Side-note: Not for your ordinary bride – these photos are artistic, fun, edgy, and cool. If you’re an offbeat bride, they’ll be PERFECT for you!"
- Kristina & Shanna

"Mike truly practices what he preaches and is a great inspiration. His sense of acceptance and the stories he wants to tell are mirrored in every Facebook post, Twitter update or Instagram image." 
- Shoot Dot Edit, 5 Photographers that Will Inspire you to be Better

"Wedding Photography that Shatters the Mold. Mike Allebach is as unique a photographer as you’re ever likely to run across." - Petapixel.com

Philadelphia Wedding "Most wedding photos are corny dreck. No matter how cool your day is some photographer who spends his week shooting stupid kids’ portraits at Sears will contort you in the cheesiest of poses. Not Mike Allebach. 

He treats weddings as individually as the people in them. “Corniness comes from sticking people in a box. I want to capture what’s important and make it amazing. 50 years from now, I hope the images they have show personality of my clients. There are a lot of photographers who do the same old, same old. People choose me because they want to do what they want.”

Allebach has no problem going with the flow of the crowd for the sake of good photography. If they want shots, he eggs them on, if the couple wants to get lost in their own world, he’ll willingly fade into the background.

“When it comes down to it, the wedding photographers are body language experts,” he says. “If you can’t read and take cues from body language, you aren’t going to get natural looking photos. They will look cheesy and posed.”

Allebach hopes his art lives on with the people he shoots, “I hope the couple puts photos on their wall. Photos that show their personality and maybe a few tattoos. Photos they can look at on shitty days. That and I hope the wedding party gets really drunk and dances horrible and get to give the wedding couple blackmail material.”






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Just picked up our photos today - including our incredible 5 foot tall metal print! We are OVER THE MOON! Mike was amazing, our shots are incredible, he was a pleasure to work with! Our photos feel so unique and so us. I wish we could take pictures with him every day!! Thank you Mike!!

Profile Picture Kelsey, 7/13/18, 1 Review
Category: Photography

Mike is truly the best. During the planning process he held phone meetings with us to ensure we got all of the photos we wanted, and so that he could truly capture the moment as opposed to posed photos. As soon as I arrived at the venue he stepped out and introduced himself and got started. He was so professional, quick, and efficient. Unfortunately it was extremely windy on our wedding day, but he was able to work with it and make sure our photos were fantastic. You can tell he is so passionate about what he does based off his interactions with us throughout the evening. He checked in before he left to make sure there weren't any photos that we were missing and to see if there was anything else we wanted. I cannot wait to see our photos because I know they are going to be nothing short of amazing.

Profile Picture User6919145, Recently Married, 7 Reviews
Category: Photography

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Mike Allebach is one of the most captivating photographers in the industry! We love his rock & roll edgy style and how he truly captures the moment in a really unique and exquisite way. He is incredibly professional, he really knows his stuff!!! He also has a gift for making people feel super comfortable and relaxed around him.

Mike is awesome! He is so personable and makes all of his clients look gorgeous, whether it be for bride-to-be boudoir sessions, or wedding photography. He is a true professional, but also fun to work with, and definitely sets his clients at ease. I highly recommend working with Mike, you won't be dissappointed with the end result!

Looking for a photographer willing to step outside of the box? Allebach Photography is THE go-to guy!

Mike was absolutely amazing to work with this past weekend on a wedding that had so many intricate details. The wedding party, parents, and other vendors were all so elated to have him on board! Thank you so very much!




403 East Walnut Street, North Wales, PA 19454   See On Map
610-539-6920 (phone)
Allebach Photography is a wedding photographer and photobooth company from Philadelphia servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Montgomery County, New Jersey, and Bucks County. Allebach Photography is a professional photographer that has been part of the Philadelphia wedding industry since 2006 specializing in Tattooed Weddings & Crazy Gif Photo Booth.