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Wedding Officiant Tips

Who will you choose to marry you on your wedding day? Here are some tips when looking for an officiant:

  1. Always schedule a face to face meeting to get to know him or her.

  2. Search reviews and testimonials to help establish their credibility.

  3. Ask if they can offer video samples of weddings they have serviced.

  4. Their fee structure will be simpler than others, but still ask for it up front.

  5. Be comfortable with him or her. After all, this is your wedding ceremony!

Officiant tips

Amid all of the hustle and bustle of the wedding planning process, the choosing of wedding officiants can often be overshadowed by other aspects of the day. However because of the central role wedding officiants play in the actual wedding ceremony. It is important to realize that your choice in wedding officiants is one of the most critical decisions that you will make.

When you consider the role of the wedding ceremony officiant do you see them as traditional or progressive, religious or secular. Many ceremonies strictly follow cultural traditions while others may be infused with a mix of elements with roots in various backgrounds. Whatever direction you see your ceremony playing out, finding the right wedding ceremony officiant will be the key to flawless delivery.

At we realize that wedding officiants do more than assist you in exchanging vows. Wedding officiants are given the unique opportunity to elaborate on the love that you share, and the commitment that you are making. Good wedding officiants offer background insight into he meaning behind the traditions being lived out and give a sense of direction to the path that the two of you are choosing to explore together.

Some officiants for weddings have a special gift for speaking at length about every aspect of a union allowing a ceremony to last for hours. Perhaps this is exactly what you are looking for, or possibly you are hoping to find a wedding officiate with a knack for delivering a special ceremony that is short and sweet.

The truth is that the ceremony itself is the central and most special event of the day, and finding the perfect wedding officiate to deliver it is non-negotiable. That is why has created an incredible resource for wedding officiants. Simply try the Vendor Recommendation Tool in the My Vendors section to find wedding officiants near you. Enjoy.

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