Where can I find reasonable OSTRICH FEATHERS???
NEED HELP LADIES! I can't for the LIFE of me understand why these freaking feathers are so expensive. I'm trying to plan my engagement party and I need some beautiful feathers to create center pieces. I will need about 420 plumes and about 160 drabs. HELP if you can direct me in the right direction. Thanks a million!!!

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Hmmm, what about Ebay?

http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=ostrich feathers

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they are pricey everywhere!! I said screw it and im just going to buy the vases and feathers together


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Hayley C™
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If you want some pre-made ones.... here are some sites to compare prices

24" vase kinda short. drab, not plumes. $40 per centerpiece

$49 per centerpiece just for the feather top, no vase, no lights - $25 refund if rent and return in good condition. plus ~$12 vase and lights = $37 per table -
32" vase buy from

to give you an idea... this one has only 15 feathers and 24" tall
I think 15 looks sparse... I would go for 20 - 25. Even with 20... feathers sold individually are $2 per feather That is $40 just in feathers

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22-28" Plumes are recommended for centerpieces over 24". about 80 feathers in 1lb.
There are about 110 feathers in a pound of 18-22" Wing Plumes. Quantity does vary in this size range, but it's usually right around 110. These feathers are generally recommended for vases 26" and under.

Save on Crafts.... let's do some shopping.
colored Ostrich Feather Plumes (18-22" tall) 6 for $27.54 ($4.59 each) You need at least 10 - 15 colored and 10 - 15 white....
Lets say you have 10 tables.

10 x 15 purple feathers = 150 = 25 bunches at $27.54 per bunch
That is $688 JUST ON COLORED feathers.....

17-21" White Ostrich Feathers 188 feathers = $389

$1077 just on feathers for 10 tables !!!!!! still need vases and LED lights, and foam balls to put feathers in....

a fun alternative? Boa Balls !

Hayley C™
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You get 4 centerpieces via 1lbs of Plumes.
Ostrich Drabs

http://koyalwholesale.com/pages-main-category-290_825/wedding-vases-and-centerpiece-supplies-ostrich-feathers-bulk-plumes-and-drabs.html?gclid=CLzB99DO06YCFYQUKgodGG69HQ $75 per table just for FEATHERS, no foam holder or vase or lights.

http://www.swalefandson.com/ostrichwingfeatherswhite.html need to request quote
but maybe your best deal?????

6" - 8" on those Oriental trader feathers... that is Short!

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Wow ladies thanks! This is site really does come in handy! Glad my girl convinced me to join.

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Welcome to WW Tracy !

Feather Are REALLY expensive! I rather use that money for a honeymoon cruise.

Maybe do some small centerpieces with just a few feathers.
Especially because it is just for the engagement party.

Or the foam balls with a boa would cost A LOT Less!

~ good luck ~
happy planning

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Thanks Hayley. You know you have made me rethink my original center piece idea. I just now need to learn how to make those beautiful boa center pieces because those are absolutely perfect for our engagement! classy and elegant! I was originally thinking of something more on the lines of what Ms. Toni-Marie displayed above, but after pricing all that entails in making these center pieces it can get expensive and the boa idea would sort of match the center pieces I'm thinking of doing for my wedding. It will be flowers at the wedding no feathers but still on the same lines as what you posted above. Just beautiful with the crystals hanging to give it that extra spice. LOVE IT. Thanks everyone.

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another site with and her "instructions"

I used what I had, which was some 3 inch styrofoam balls (end result is about 6-7 inches with materials). I attached a strand of crystal-like garland first to the plain strofoam ball. I secured it with hot glue. Then, I started wrapping the feather boa around & round, being sure to attach with hot glue after the positioning was right. Depending on how full you want it, you can keep wrapping the feathers around.

Lastly, I experimented with one of the "blinged out" brooches that I got at Forever 21 a few weeks ago (posted with the ribbon bracelets).

I also added a little strand of crystal garland to the bottom of the pomander. I really don't plan to spend alot on brooches for each pomander, so I'm going to use vintage crystal earrings for the rest. That way, I can buy in sets.


Hayley C™
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ok... these are Crazy.... glowing feather balls.... she bought battery operated balls that change colors (4 for $18.59 each )(save-on-crafts.com) .... some boas... took the feather off the boa and used spray glue to attach them...

maybe strip the boa and try spray glue if you don't want them sticking out as much...


The glowing balls would probably cost you a lot to do, but I think the spray glue is a good idea.

Some boa sites...
80g $4.75

$36.50 for 12 $3 per - 60g
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YOUR THE BEST! Thanks. Now if I can just ship you down to help coordinate. HA!

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Can anyone tell me the diameter of the finished "boa ball" if you use an 8" styrofoam ball? Does the boa wrap around more than once?
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I'm not trying to advertise but we do specialize in Ostrich Feather Centerpieces. If you are trying to save on cost consider renting them. You will pay so much less to rent then to buy. We have all colors and would love to assist you. Let us know if we can help. www.ostrichfeathersbypuredymonds.com

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Hi everyone,

I just got married a couple of weeks ago and I am looking to sell my ostrich feathers for a fraction of the cost I paid. There are 190 in total, length is 18"-24" . I paid $905 at Fabulous Feathers for them in January and they are in perfect condition. I'm asking $500 for them all. They are the femme wing / plume and white. I've attached a pic of my centerpieces from the wedding. Here are the links to them on eBay and Etsy:


Or, email me at smith.patrick0@gmail.com. I hope I can help someone out!

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