What's the difference between Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party?
This may be a dumb question. I hear of both of them all the time, but I'm confused. Do you have both or pick one? Can you tell I'm new to the whole wedding thing? lol

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totally different events! haha! To be honest I still don't get the point of the bridal shower, I'm dreading mine. But it's more traditional and for the ladies young & old. You'll get presents and be forced to play dumb games (reason why i'm dreading it)…

Bachelorette party is a party, or whatever you want it to be. Some girls go crazy and bar hop, or go to vegas. Others have a spa day and get pampered. It's kind of a last hooray with your girlfriends.

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In Some families, the mother-of-the bride or the bride's closest relative or friend, will host what is called a "Bridal Shower" or sometimes called a "Wedding Shower". Gifts are given such as pots & pans and items to stock the home with. Alot of people will also give silly gifts at this time as well.

The "Bachelorette party" is usually held 3 weeks to the weekend before the Wedding day and the bride and grooms friends usually host this event. It's a night of celebration or sometimes known as "The last night of freedom", and it can be held anywhere from a home, restaraunt to a night club. Gifts are also given - but the gifts are on the more funside, Sexy to gag gifts for the bride & grooms first night and year together. Some Bachelorette parties can even be a day at the spa with the girls or boating, hiking. You make it what you want.

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There are no dumb questions here. The easiest way for me to explain it, from my understanding and practice is that a bridal shower is more for like you family friends, mother, grandmother aunts, etc., this is where you get your practicle gifts from your registry, the bachlorette party is more of the party party, some ladies get exotoc dancers, some go to vegas, some go to clubs, more for your girlfriends and the bm's moh's type. I mean not everyone does the same things but the bachlorette party is just a little more, shall i say, wild, for lack of a better word.

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Bridal Shower: friends, family, women with families of their own who care enough to come give you tasteful gifts that will be useful for housekeeping or such and play some nice games and go home. You may have a few of these depending on whether your FHs side of family wants to do one, your girlfriends want to do one, church, work, etc.
Bachelorette Party: Only you and your very best girlfriends go out and have that last party before you tie the knot. Many times it involves alcohol and not so tasteful games lol. Sometimes it is tamer (I am going to Disney quest) but it is still just a time to hang out and have a blast with your girlfriends. Gifts are often not involved

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Thanks ladies! That's what I thought, but it seemed odd that the bride gets two parties while the groom gets one.

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I think of a bridal shower as kind of like a baby shower for a wedding. And a bachelorette party is the wild/crazy party where you get your last hoo-rah out. I think you can have both. Ya know, since the bridal shower is usually family and friends and the bach party is, well, crazy.

I've opted out of the bridal shower and am having a Lingerie Party and a bach party.

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Bridal shower = present-giving occasion, with mother and FMIL attending.
Bachelorette = no presents, need not be G rated.

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lol Nice response 2d Bride

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Bridal shower is more for family and bachelorette party is for friends

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