What’s the best way to freeze a wedding cake?
I am looking for kitchen experts input. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

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Wrap it tightly in saran wrap, several layers. Then in foil. Place into an airtight tupperware to freeze (per my baker). Just don't expect it to taste the same on your anniversary as it did on your wedding day! lol

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Do as Analy said... Then, take it out of the freezer the day before you are going to eat it; and put it on the fridge... then, the day you are to eat it, take it out of the fridge; and put it on a cool area... DO NOT remove the wrapping yet... remove it after a couple of hours of the cake being out...

this will help condensation attach to the wrapping and not your cake's fondant...

Hope this helps...

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great! thanks!

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based on my experience with biochemisty, i think the key thing is to remove as much airspace from the package as possible. this will prevent it from icing inside the package and drying out. food cannot be frozen indefinitely with a kitchen freezer, but if you remove the air, it will preserve it for longer. then, thaw it as slowly (cold) as possible to prevent it from collapsing or getting soggy.

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A lot of cake places offer an anniversary cake for free if you order your wedding cake from them, that's what we are doing!
Ask the baker!!


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Hi Paula-
I'm a pastry chef- the best way- or what I've always found to work the best is plastic wrap a few times and place in a freezer proof plastic bag (thick plastic). If you wrap it in foil-it will have a foil taste next year lol!

It's true.

Remove from freezer an hour before eating-if it's fondant, it's going to have some condensation no matter what you do.


Good Luck!

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freeze it so the frosting freezes (a few hours) then take it out and wrap it in plastic wrap, and then foil. besore to wrap the entire thing, and take it off of any stand or cardbord that it might be sitting on. the cardbord flavor can seep into the bottom of the cake


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I had soooo much cake leftover. We just put it back in the boxes and stuck it in the freezer. We ate it over the next 6 months every time we had a family gathering. Never any problems with ice.

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I agree with Sieramiss. My baker doesn't believe in it and as a part of her service she makes you top layer for your 1 year anniversary.
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