What Location do i put on Save the Date card?
Im getting ready to purchase save the date cards
only question i have is do i put the town that I will be getting married in (Church)
or the town of my Reception?

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The town of the church

Kimi K
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That was a very good question! slthompson is correct. :o)

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i'm actually going to put both the church and the reception, just because it will be in two different cities 40mins apart

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STD's need only have the town city etc where the church is otherwise people will be confused... @jakita imho I think that if you are doing two different locals that is fine but only put that info in your invites not the std ... just sayin =]

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@ melisssaf: i don't know why people would be confused if one town came after the next; wouldn't people assume the first place was the church and the second was the reception?

i've seen it done before, and i haven't been confused; also, my places cross state lines, so i would like people to be prepared for a drive :)

but that's just me; to each it's own :)

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I didn't put a location on mine at all, just the website and date. A bunch of people are only getting invited to the reception because our church is small (family only ceremony). It might be rude or against etiquette, but with the STDs we wanted we actually didn't even have room for the location once the website was on there.

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I'd list both. Ceremony to be held in.... Reception to be held in...
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