Wedding Wish Lanterns
For our wedding we want to use wedding wish lanterns as our favors to our guest. We want to put them in a decrative bag with a cute poem on the front. We want the guest to release the lanterns before the end of the evening so we want the poem to say something to the effect let your lantern go into the evening sky with great wishes for the bride and groom. Something like that. Any ideas?

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Wow that is absolutely beautiful!!! I am sorry that I really have no ideas as to what poem or anything like that, but it does sound really beautiful! Maybe google it? This is actually the first time I have heard of it.

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AHHH I'm super jealous of you!!! I wanted wishing lanterns to be our unity...something my FH and I do during the ceremony...and then after dinner we wanted the remaining 74 lanterns to be released...but I'm still waiting on approval from the HOA in the area and the fire marshal!
Try something like this:
These wedding lanterns fly high and true.
And we want to release them with special people like you.
So help us celebrate our love tonight
And give us good wishes for our new life.

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What is a wedding wish lantern? Does anyone have pics as it sounds really neat!

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I was curious about restrictions on releasing them so I'm glad you brought that up Cydney. They are beautiful but I can just see the town I'm getting married in saying we can't do it! Or making us pay a fortune for a permit!

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That is exactly what I'm doing :) I decided to go for this option in liu of rice/bubbles/sparklers. Pics included for those who wanted to see. Here's a link to my post where some other people helped find stuff.

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@Lala...I'm constantly thinking of these things. Especially in Colorado. We get really dry late summers/fall...and since my wedding is Oct 22 and in the foothills...I knew this might be an issue. I am crossing my fingers that the HOA and fire marshal give the green light...but I'm not holding my breath. might want to make sure you figure out these regulations before your purchase any wedding lanterns, as those are no cheap item!
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