wedding invitations: typed or hand written?
I am confused, should the invitations be hand written for a personal touch or can you print them out on your computer for a neater look? What are you doing? IF you are doing DIY

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Ashley C (formerly P)
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I printed these bad boys. There was NO way I was going to hand-write 90 of these.

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The girl I have that is making mine is printing them. I can't imagine handwriting all that info. Or do you mean the envelopes? Im handwriting those, but that's it!

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Do you mean the envelopes?

Envelopes should be hand written IMO. Doesn't have to be calligraphy, but it's a lot more personal than printing. I'm probably more OCD about stationery than most, but I really hate labels on envelopes too. It's TOTALLY possible to practice a script/calligraphy font with an instruction book and a decent pen, and turn your writing around even if you're usually a chicken-scratcher. :)

Our invitations are totally printed.

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I have never heard of hand-written invitations! If you're referring to the envelopes, then yes, I am hand-writing those, because I think it's rude not to.

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Feb 05, 2012 at 1:43 PM • Flag As Inappropriate yes the envelopes

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Yes - I would absolutely hand-write the envelopes. You can get your return address printed on the envelopes (that's what we're doing)...if you're ordering them, it's usually around $40-50 extra to do that. If you're DIYing them, then obviously it just depends.

Marie S. (aka Princess Leia)
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The STD envelopes will be done on the printer - not a label but actually printed on the envelop in some kind of scripty looking font. The actual invites will be sent off to a caligrapher to be hand done.

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I'll probably be handwriting my envelopes, but only for the "TO" portion. I love my little return stickers that I got from vista print
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I did handwritten well not me personally but a friend did mine.. its better to hand write them it gives them a personal touch

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I am one lazy bish with hands that don't work like they used to. Also, calligraphy was not an option because my wedding was laid back. I didn't want to convey a formal message. I picked a nice font and printed addresses on clear labels. Since I DIYed the invites, there were no inside envelopes.

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To be honest I think this whole idea of you should hand write them is pretty ridiculous. NOBODY is going to remember if they were typed or handwritten. And they likely won't care either. If it's that big of a deal to someone that they actually say something about whether they were handwritten or not then they have bigger problems. There is more to life than "oh my gosh she did not hand write these invitations!" Anyways, my point is it really doesn't matter. I won't be handwriting them. I did for the save the dates and they looked horrible and it was a waste of time.

Sorry if I sounded mean or something...some things just shouldn't be such a big deal.

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I hand wrote mine. Nothing fancy. No one is going to pay attention to the envelope :)

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This is one of those things I don't particularly agree with the etiquette on completely.

To me it's only more personal if you hand write them yourself... I fail to see how having someone else do calligraphy is more *personal* than say printing the envelope on your *personal* printer...

And at the end of the day I kind of agree with Monica N. - yes I will notice but I just don't see the fuss either way.

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Wow......Monica. That's one very strong opinion. I don't think anybody was making a big deal out of it or calling anyone else's ideas ridiculous, they were just offering their opinions. Sheesh.

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Well I kind of agree with Monica. Someone else said that it was rude not to, so that's kind of calling people rude if they decide not to do it. Rude, ridiculous, they're all opinions.

I hand wrote my envelopes but that's only because I couldn't be bothered to set up my printer!

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Monica, I agree with you. Who is ever going to remember if the invitation envelope was handwritten, typed, or labeled? At the end of the day, most of the invites are going to end up in the recycle bin.

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I mean, I can see how they're both opinions, but I appreciate a hand-addressed letter b/c it feels more personal. I'm not going to go apeshxt or complain about it if I get a printed or labelled envelope and I don't have "big problems". I just appreciate the gesture, that's all. I don't think that makes me ridiculous.

You know it's a good day on WW when we can get into a debate about how to address envelopes. lol. :)

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I don't think it's ridiculous to handwrite envelopes at all.....hence the fact that i did it :P.
I do think it's ridiculous that people think that that it's "rude" not to do it. I think that's the point Monica was trying to make, but I could be wrong.
Yeah funny the silly things we can all disagree about, eh?

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I think "rude" should not be used towards handwriting vs labels. I personally wrote out the addresses on my envelopes because I too like to recieve mail with a handwritten address. It is all about personal preference. Do what you want & have time/budget for.

@Kris: it's always a good day when there is an argument on WW :)

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The home printer is basically the bane of my existence... idk what the problem is: me or the printer? Every one I've ever owned has had the devil in it- so on that note, I'll be handwriting the envelopes! Hopefully I'll manage to do something that looks relatively pretty!! I kind of wish I'd taken some sort of caligraphy 101 college class LOL
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