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I am trying to find a gift for my step dad, he is a larger man so it is difficult to find shirts that come in his size. He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, he likes sentimental things but doesn't really keep them unless they are practical. I have yet to find something that says step dad/father, and is something practical. I did find this handkerchief that I like the poem but I doubt he would keep it. But the poem is:

It takes a special person, we
Realize when we have grown,
To gladly take another's child
And love it like his own.
The hardest job in all the world
A stepdad has to do.
For children are not always wise,
In what they say and do.
This hankie is to offer thanks
For all that you have done.
I know that you have helped me be
The woman I've become.
I'm glad that you will be there on
The day I say "I do",
For the man I am to marry is
Someone as dear as you.

I thought maybe a frame with the poem & a picture of us on the wedding day would be a good gift what do you think about it?

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I personally think pictures in a frame is ALWAYS appropriate --- and in this situation especially I'm sure he'll treasure it. :)

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Have you looked on things remembered? They always have a lot of cool gifts that you can personalize and many of them are useful. That website might spark some cool ideas. A picture frame is always nice too though.
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