No Girl Friends -- Bridesmaid Help!
Ok so I'm recently engaged (we've been living together for 8 years). My problem is, I have absolutely no girl friends, no sister, no cousins to have as bridesmaids. He has his brother as his best man, but I don't have anyone. I'm thinking of asking his little sister (she's 15) to be in the wedding but I'd like someone closer to my own age... Thinking of asking his brother's GF (they've been together for 2 years and she's the only girl I've really hung out with at all in a couple years) to be a BM but not MOH (I would just not have a MOH). Not sure what to do though because she doesn't like his family all that much, and we don't have much in common... This is really stressing me out! Any thoughts?

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~Jeff's Angel~
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Do you have a best guy friend other then you FH? You can always do a "Man of Honor" - you don't even need to have a bridal party if you don't want to.

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Why wouldn't she be MOH? Sorry, I am confused. I wouldn't ask her though if you don't have much in common and she doesn't like his family. That is asking for drama. Could you ask a co worker? If not just ask the sister to be your MOH, I am sure she would be honored.

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Do you have guy friends? It is traditional that the bride has ladies and groom and men, but that is just tradition and not rule. The people standing beside you should be meaningful to you.
You may also consider your mom, grandma, or an aunt.

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I found myself in a similar situation, I wasn't close to anyone anymore to be my MOH, so I asked two good friends to be my BM's. I don't see anything wrong with having one best man, and one bridesmaid. Make sure you ask someone whom you feel comfortable with. And if you don't want anyone there, then that's fine too.

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Yeah FH is my best friend (and has been for about 10 years). We have couples that we're friends with, but I'm not close with any of them... I don't speak to my mother, and my step-mom who I was really close with died recently.

I'm not sure about asking his sister either because I don't really want to give her too much responsibility, I don't want her to feel overwhelmed. Plus, she is really into videography and photography (and extremely talented I might add!) so she has asked if she can video and take photos for the wedding and we already said yes. So if she's taking the photos she won't be in them. Yikes!

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it is 100% normal to have your future spouse's family in your wedding party... ask his sister

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Skip the drama of the Bridal Party. No where does it say you have to have one.

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My advice to you is to really do some soul searching. It is your wedding so ultimately you and your FH decide what is acceptable. If it is important to you have a bridal party than have one. (any size would be fine just try to keep it even on both sides for photos) If you and your FH dont find it important than ditch the wedding party entirely and have the focus and attention all on you ! You could even incorporate the no bridal party into a theme like a I only have eyes for you type thing.If you decide that you do want to have a bridal party just make sure you are close with who you ask. The bridal party helps with alot and they wont be much help if thgey dont know you well enough to know what you will like or hwat you will hate. Good Luck !!!

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I understand where you are coming from I don't have any true girlfriends that can be there by my side at my wedding. I chose a childhood friend who I grew up with and was like a sister to me. Otherwise in lue of not having a GF to be your MOH then don't have one. My FH is asking his brother to be his BM cuz he doesn't have that many good friends.

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Thanks everyone for all your advice! I thought about doing no bridal party too, but as soon as he proposed and I said yes, before we even talked about having a wedding, he called his brother and asked if he would be the best man. So I feel kind of stuck... Maybe I'm just making too big a deal out of this, I don't know!

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I had something similar, and im not super close with my sister but I asked her to be my moh. I agree with mellojean, skip the bridal party all together sometimes theyre more drama anyway, and youll save money too.

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Don't feel one and only sister is not in my hurts but oh my 14 year old and 17 year old daughters are my bridemaids along with my FH's niece and my new SIL will be my matron of honor....

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I actually didn't ask my stepsis but she is completely understanding of this as I have several really close friends who were going to be in my bridal party when we were going to do a bigger bridal party (five each) but we have since paired it back. I will have only my moh, one of my best friends and he will have his dad and four year old son as his best men. I agree with the others in that you don't have to have anyone if you don't want to, and I wouldn't worry too much about the party being equal just because he has a best man. You can also do a guy friend or family member, cousin, co-worker but I think that it is completely fine to forgo it all together,especially if it would cause you to have someone your not comfortable with or that you are not close to in that position.

2d Bride
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If he wants to have a best man, and you don't want any attendants on your side, that's fine too.

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I'm just going to have a MOH. Bridal parties are overrated and not worth the drama. Do you have a favorite aunt?

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Do you and his mom get along well? Maybe you could ask her to be your Matron of Honor.

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Do you have a close male friend or family member you'd be comfortable
with as a Man Of Honor?

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i'm in a similar situation....I dont hve much friends i would consider for MOH but in my culture it would look bad especially since she helps w cake and favors. But aside from MOH n flowergirl Im going solo. Its my day so I wanna be queen, lol

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You don't have to have anyone. Regardless if the sides are uneven. Just having someone stand up there with you just to stand up there is not a always the best idea. I would just go with his best man and be done with it. You dont' HAVE to have any girls/guys up there with you.

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Agreed with Nicci and 2d.. Just have the best man there. He could be the holder of the rings. There are no laws for bridal parties, just suggestions ;)
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