May the Fourth Be With You
Apparently I am getting married on "Star wars day"
Anything cool going on on your day?
PS I had no idea until people started saying "may the fourth be with you"
I don't even like star wars.. but whatever :)

Married: 05/04/2012
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Married: 07/07/2012
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After I read yours, I googled our date and it's Chocolate Day and National Strawberry Sundae Day. Who knew?

My friend has your same wedding date. I'll share this little trivia knowledge with her too. Lol.

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lol nothing cool on our day.

I'm due 5/18 so maybe he'll make an early appearance and be born on Star Wars Day... my husband would appreciate that! haha

Andrea Ank.
Married: 04/07/2012
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Mine isnt a nationaly recognized day but it was the 50th anniversary for my aunt and uncle.

Married: 05/04/2012
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Laura, your day sounds yummy!!!... Andrea, that's awesome!! Sarah, that would be exciting :)

Married: 05/12/2012
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I tried google, mine doesn't seem to be anything lol. Day before mothers day though.

Married: 09/15/2012
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Haha according to google, September 15 is Felt Hat Day haha!

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I found an entire list of things and such on this site :)

A few that I thought were neat were that September 21st was the day in
1996 John F. Kennedy, Jr. marries Caroline Bisset and in
1814 "Star Spangled Banner" published as a poem

Married: 08/31/2012
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i just now realized that im getting married on my ex's bday.. awkward!!! lol
69th annual venice international film festival
George w bush was elected republican candidate
constitution adopted by sri lanka
dave scott first person to drive a car on the moon!

thats all i found.. no special dessert day for me :(

Married: 08/31/2012
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o i lied!! i guess its national trail mix day!! add that to my list!!
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Hahaha! I like Star Wars......but not enough to know that! lmao

Cinco de Mayo here although we aren't doing anything special because of that.

Married: 04/27/2012
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We're having a rocket launch as we leave our ceremony. Totally unplanned, but so glad we're having our wedding right near NASA.

And April 27th is "Tell a Story Day"....whatever that is LOL

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You don't like Star Wars!?!?!?

Married: 04/13/2013
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Apr 13, 2012 at 11:18 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
i just googled mine, and got "blame somebody else day" and peach cobbler day. maybe i'll add another dessert to the reception? hahaha

Married: 05/12/2012
Apr 13, 2012 at 11:21 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
Very interesting....I had to google it. I am getting married on :

-Fatigue Syndrome Day
-International Migratory Bird Day
-International Nurses Day
-Limerick Day

and Birth Mother's Day - Saturday before Mother's Day

but I am leaving on my HM on the 14th which is Dance like a chicken day!

flo's clone
Married: 2+ years ago
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@StephanieC. Oh gesh really felt hat day? MMMMM! LOL! Think I found a new head piece! LOL! JK!

Married: 10/14/2012
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Mine is National Dessert day
It's also be bald and free day which is a little weird lol (But fitting since FH has been bald since he was about 17.

flo's clone
Married: 2+ years ago
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@ShannonP. you should dance like a chicken on your way to board the plane or as your leaving your house! LOL! Make the neighbors and fellow passengers wonder wth your doing! I would!

Married: 05/04/2013
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I don't like Star Wars either, so I am a little disappointed to find this out. We were hoping to tie in Cinco de Mayo into a wedding a bit since it is that weekend. Maybe we could have a Yoda pinata to cover both? :)

Lee I.
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For real?? LOL:

October 13th:

International Skeptics Day

When : January 13th, or October 13th or first Friday the 13th of the year

International Skeptics Day is the perfect day for you...the "doubting Thomas".

Perhaps the earth isn't really round!? Maybe, the sky isn't truely blue!? Does he(she) really love me!? ........These are the words and questions of the classical skeptic.

By definition, a skeptic is a person who questions or doubts facts and theories. He, or she, is a mis-believer. A skeptic does not accept the "Given". If you are inclined to doubt things that you see or hear, then International Skeptics Day is for you.

If you practice a little, I'm sure we can make a good skeptic out of you. Go ahead, give it a try. And, what better day to practice skepticism, than International Skeptics Day?

Married: 10/14/2012
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Apr 13, 2012 at 11:38 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
Oct 13 is also National Peanut day
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