In case you wonder what a same-sex marriage vote feels like to a gay person...
Check out this ad from the Irish campaign for civil marriage.

Maryland will be going through such a vote in the fall, as a referendum seeks to overturn the recently passed same-sex marriage bill. I am not looking forward to this.

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wow.. def puts it into perspective.. good luck!!

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That's a new perspective...gear up for the fight!

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I can't believe people are so ignorant. If someone loves another person why can't we just be happy for them and let them celebrate their love like anyone else? I don't understand how people could be against gay makes me sick.

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My heart and hopes are with you! I battled a ballot amendment to NOT add an amendment to the Nebraska state constitution about that years ago and was devastated when we lost that fight. Hopefully people are better educated nowadays about how unfair that would be. Good luck to you!

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I just don't understand what the big deal is. If two people want to get married, who cares what sexual orientation they are? Just let them get married!

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makes me sooo angery that people have such a big problem with same sex gettting married. like they just want to tourcher others

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I love it. I think it should be legal everywhere. :) I posted it to facebook, and asked my friends to share it :)

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This is such a great way to put it. In some countries people actually marry animals but its illegal in so many countries to marry a human of the same sex. It's absolutely sickening.

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Married: 10/06/2009
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The ironic thing is that conservative, Catholic Ireland actually has civil partnerships--marriage in all but name--while the US is still struggling to get any recognition at all of same-sex relationships.
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I never got the concept of why who your next door marries makes any kind of impact on YOUR personal marriage. Work on your own stuff and be happy for anyone who finds love.

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2d- I persoanlly want to thank you. I honestly never gave too much thought to same sex marriages. It's not something that mattered to me- because it wasn't my life. However, I realized something. I don't want anyone telling me I couldn't marry my DH. I am free to love whoever I want, and everyone else should be too!

Sadly, about a year ago, if same sex marriages had come up for a vote in my area, I would have spent my day at the spa instead of voting. Now, I want you to know I'll make sure to be showing up at the polls when it comes up here!

Good luck in your local election!

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We have a vote coming up in North Carolina for an amendment to the state constitution to ban gay marriage (even ones recognized in other states) when gay marriage hasn't even been legalized here in the first place. What they want is to go one step further and make sure that same sex couples can't have any protection under the law here... which is just rude if you ask me.

We'll be voting no on amendment one!!

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Meghan, that is how I look at it too. No one tells me if I'm allowed to love FH and marry him.

If these conservative A**holes where told, oh well sorry its gross, immoral or whatever their words are, to marry that man or woman you love, how would they feel?

Proud to be in Canada where we have allowed same sex marriage for awhile now.

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I am so happy to see this thread and everyone's reactions. This is something I feel very strongly about and support. It's wonderful that around the country others feel the same. I live in New York where gay marriage became legal and it was unbelievably emotional to see how elated people were to marry their partner and inspriring the support it received. I cannot wait until its legal in every state. I have to say, I try to be polite on here always but if this thread was to turn into people bashing would have taken everything in me not to, words. :-)

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I think everyone should be able to get married when they fall in love with someone else. It should not matter if it is the same sex or not. I hope that one day soon everywhere will allow same sex marriage. Who are we to judge? Good luck 2d bride.

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I'll be voting this November in Maryland to protect equal rights right there with you 2d Bride.

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I'm extremely upset I will be moving from Maryland to California before the election so I won't be able to vote on the issue. I'm debating registering here and absentee balloting just for this matter but I haven't decided yet. It makes me so angry to see hate and intolerance spewing from peoples mouths on an issue that has no bearing at all on their personal lives.

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I've been a huge supporter of the LGBT (QIA) community for a long time, and I do think we need more things kind of pointing out how it feels, because sometimes it's just that lack of really FEELING what the other side feels, sadly. I love this!

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Wow, great Vid.
Its such a shame that this is even an issue; I have never understood it. If two ppl love each other & wish to vow their everlasting love - why should it matter if they are man/woman, woman/woman, man/man....Love is love, and Human is human. I was so excited when Md made a wave in the direction of equality; only to be deeply saddened to hear how many were against this & ready to fight. Its ridiculous & I will just never understand.

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I have to say, I love his expression when the one guy greets him in Gaelic, and he realizes he's going to have to figure out how to ask his question in Gaelic.
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