How to nicely say no kids on the invitations?
Hello ladies,
I was just wanting your advice and help on how to nicely say no kids on our invites. I personally think "no kids" or "adult reception only" is fine, but my FH doesn't like the "no/only." I need your help I need to submit the invitation for the wording no longer than this weekend :/. Also if any of you know Spanish what is another nice/appropriate way to say "no ninos"?
I feel if we put "adult reception" might sound a little " well what will they be doing then" kind of thing.
Thank you so much ladies. :)

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I put NO CHILDREN wedding party only! on the invites!

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I put NO CHILDREN wedding party only! on the invites!

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See I totally wouldn't mind that Pinney but my FH doesn't like it and I want to compromise but I don't know. :( This is probably the one stressful thing I'm dealing with now.

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In proper etiquette they actually say that you shouldn't include anything like "no kids or adult reception" on the invitations you should actually just tell people and have the word spread personally I will be putting "Adult only reception to follow" on the reception card but I have also been telling people who ask that we aren't inviting kids so they know upfront

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Don't use the word "and family" on the envelopes address them to who is actually invited.

On the RSVP card you could include
"___ adult seats have been reserved in your honor"
and you fill in the blank.

If anyone lists their kid on the RSVP you'll have to call them back and explain the invitation was only meant for them.

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It depends on your you have any crazies coming? It seems like there is always that one person that cant stand the thought of leaving junior at home....or they will be badgering you to hire a sitter. Make sure you invite the guest by name. Example Julie and John and list it like Carrie said. Make it very very clear it is an Adult reception. Goodluck!

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You could put "Adult Reception to Follow"
On the envelope "Mr. and Mrs. Whatever and if you have an inside (or 2nd) envelope write their first names on it.

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This is what I have on my Wedding Website under FAQ's:

Am I allowed to bring a guest? Yes, 1 adult guest can accompany you. Due to budget constraints, we are unable to cater to anyone under the age of 12.

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We put "Adult Reception to follow"

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We put the following (we saw it on someone else's WW)

"while we love the little ones, this is an adult only affair"

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I'm conflicted with this too! I feel that it must be spelled out - NO children but I think its a little rude. Also, in our latino culture everyone brings their kids and grandkids so I don't want to offend people.
I am still trying to figure out how to state it on the wedding website and getting my mom to spread the word.

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I put adult only reception and still had someone trying to bring their kid to the ceremony. I know what the etiquette gods say but you need to be direct and put Adult only event. Reasoning being parents will ignore the reception card and try to add their kid. Also call parents and let them know in advance that your wedding will be adult only event.

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I put adult reception only on my invites. I don't mind if they bring kids to the ceremony, but the reception is out of the question!!

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I do understand the idea of having an "adult only reception", but a wedding is a time for family and friends get together. A wedding reception is one of the only times that kids and adults really interact. I allways looked at it this way. If I would say "no kids" at my wedding and a couple brought kids anyways, I wouldn't want to feel the stress of other couples coming up to me and saying "why did they get to bring their kids and I couldn't?"

Please dont miss read this as a "don't do that", but just consider this advise just incase a situation like that arises.

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I didnt put it on the invitation, I included a reception card that states "Adult Cocktail hour and Reception immediately following the ceremony on the 2nd and 3rd floor" . We will have my kids, and FH nieces and nephews but that's the extent of it.
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There are loads of reasons to have an adults only reception, and they've been discussed over and over.

Use every suggestion here, including specifying the exact people you intend to invite from each family. Don't let them write in numbers or refer to unspecified guests (do you really want your cousin's boyfriend of the week?

Why anyone would bring a small child to the ceremony (besides RB's and FG's) is beyond me. That is just torture for a kid.

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I wrote "Adult Reception" on my RSVP card

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We are adding in a little card with our invites that states " We would love for your children to attend the ceremony, however, the reception will be an adult affair. We would love to help you arrange childcare."
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