How long do you give people to RSVP??
my checklist tells me to send out my invitations in April, but that seems a bit late to me if I want people to RSVP. How long do you give people to send the card back after you mail the invitations? I was thinking about sending them out in March, or is that too early?

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Normally I would think you send out the invites 6 weeks out then give them 3 weeks to get them back to you. I have always found the longer you give people to respond the less they will. The will just put it off then forget about it. So I think April is about right :-) Just my though and plan :-)

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I sent mine out so that they received their invites about 6 weeks prior to the wedding.

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April sounds about right. Gives about 1.5weeks at the most to arrive at your guests home. Then they have about 1 whole month to decide & send it back. And it gives you about 1 week to call the procrastinators. This is assuming you send out the invites in the last week of April.

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I gave about 3 weeks for folks to respond.

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You have to look at when you need the responses. For example, when do you have to give a final number to the caterer? Make your RSVP date a week before that, to give you time to follow up with people.

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Because I have people traveling, I'm going to have to send mine out 6 weeks before the wedding and send out save the dates probably in February so people can start to plan to come, if they want to :)

Mrs. Roberts
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thanks ladies! I have already sent out STD's with our website so it will no surprise to people when the get the invite. I was thinking I needed to give them way more time to RSVP than you guys suggested, glad I asked!
I have to give the caterer the final head count 10 days before the wedding so about a month will be good!

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Typically invites are mailed 6-8 weeks before the event. RSVPs are usually sent back 3 weeks or so before the event, that way you can call anyone you haven't heard from and get your numbers firmed up in time to get back with your vendors (typically about 2 weeks before the event).

March seems too early to me, you'd be giving them 3 months to forget about your wedding.
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