How early is TOO early to have a bridal shower?
How early is too early to have a Bridal Shower? (before the wedding)

Thanks in advance!

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Just Reenski
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I think more than 2 months (barring an extenuating situation, like you're moving out of the country or something) is too early. It's nice to be able to ramp up the excitement/anticipation as you get closer to your wedding. Plus, you also don't want to seem gift greedy. My 2 cents.

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Without consulting anyone else, I would have agreed with The Reenski, but my VENUE's checklist says shower up to 3 months out (shrugs)
I'm one of those extenuating circumstances all my shower peeps (and I) have an 8 weeks event that stops 2 weeks short of the wedding. . .So. . .shower is 2.25 months out.

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My local shower was 3 months before and my out of towwn (thrown by FMIL) was 2 months before.

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Ok I have a circumstance but I don't know if its counts. I want to have the shower in the city where I was born and raised and all my friends and family are. I am moving in December. Wedding is in April. So I was thinking about having the wedding around Christmas. Because my maid of honor is a 13hr drive away. And that is the time she always comes down to our hometown.

But that is also a bad time to have a shower because I know money is tight, and everyone is busy with their families....

advice please! :)
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How far away are you moving? Could you drive "back home" in Feb. or March and could your MOH?

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My MOH lives out of state now, and she was just home to visit. She wont be back untill the wedding, So she threw me a shower last weekend! Nobody seemed to mind at all!

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Nancy-Yes I could do this but these are the reason why I don't want to do that:

1. Starting a new job/career (already taking a week off for wedding (destination) and extra weekend for reception)

2. MOH lives 13 hours away and probably would not be able to drive to come to the shower.

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So are you having it in April or December, now im confused.

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Who is throwing a shower for you? I'm getting a feeling you're organizing it yourself?

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Farmers wife-sorry! My wedding is in April, I want to have the shower in December but worried this would be too early.

Angel J
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Your MOH should be the one throwing the shower, not you. Its in your honor. Maybe talk to her and find out if she is planning one? Bring up the christmas thing and see what she says.

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Most bridal showers that I have been to have been two months before the wedding.

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yes what Angel J. said!

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Mrs. S,

If I have my shower in December my MOH will throw it for me with the help of 1 other bridesmaid. --and of course I will help organize because I just love to help party plan!

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Angel J- I am NOT throwing my shower, just trying to figure a good time to have it.

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Ok thanks for everyones advice.
I guess I will go ahead and see about having it in December even though its a bit early. But I really want my MOH to be there, as we have been friends since we were 5!!

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Mine was about 3.5 months before my wedding. We wanted to try and get away from the summer heat, and it ended up being 90 that day! No one seemed to mind or question the fact that the wedding was not until September.

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My MOH (who's a total etiquette queen and has been a BM or MOH in countless weddings) said it was proper to do it 3 months out, which is when she did mine.

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I had an OOT shower three months before the wedding, hosted by my aunt, since I was home to visit family then anyway (I live acuroas the country). Had my local shower 2.5 months before wedding. I think that, in this case. It's fine to have the shower whenever MOH wants to throw it. Since Christmas is an expensive time, just make sure your registry has items with a variety of price points for anyone who is feeling financially stretched (which you will likely want to do anyway).

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Great advice, thanks Jamie B. I appreciate it.
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