Gift Giving at the Rehearsal Dinner
So I got gifts for the people who are helping with the wedding, with making decorations/dresses/flowers/invitations/etc and wedding participants. When do you give them their gifts. Do you have a big long speech during the rehearsal dinner (like an award cermony), where you point out the key figures to making your day happen? Or do you do it privately during the rehearsal dinner, as you wander to each guest? Basically we are having a big gathering for the rehearsal all family members. Wedding party is greeting people at the door as they arrive. Should I give gifts when I am greeting people? I feel like people should know who helped putting everything together to make this day special for me but I know when I am pointed out in a crowd I feel very awkward... and I do not want to make anyone uncomfortable. What do you suggest?

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I've seen it done both ways. I personally think that saying a little something to recognize them at the dinner is nice...I have appreciated that when I was thanked before. And you should probably accept that on June 16, you will be pointed out in a crowd and feel awkward :) You're the bride...there's no avoiding that.

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I was wondering the same thing Brittney. We've decided we're going to have a small speech at the rehearsal dinner thanking everyone for helping us. At that time we will be giving them their gifts. If you don't want them to feel uncomfortable and singling them out you could just say a thanks to everyone who helped and then name them all in one group. You don't have to say "thanks to Aunt Joan for making my flowers, she did this and this and this" and doing that for every person. Just do a general thank you for all that helped. Then either give them their gift then or wait until you have a private moment with them.

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When I was a bridesmaid, the B&G said a nice speech thanking everyone. Then they went around and passed out the gifts. That way no one was singled out, and we all opened our gifts together. It was nice :)

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This is an interesting point. What if you have people invited to your rehearsal dinner that you were not planning on getting gifts for? Our dinner is just parents, grandparents, siblings and bridal party. I didn't expect to get gifts for our grandparents or siblings who aren't in the bridal party. Should I (note, they haven't helped, nor have I asked them to)?

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I would say it's up to you and depends on the size of your group. My dinner is going to be very small (20 people or less) so we will probably be toasting rather than give a long speech, and since my parents are taking care of the dinner I will probably give them their gifts privately and give out the other gifts either before or after the dinner so nothing seems awkward. Do what you feel comfortable with.

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I am just going to do a general speech about how much i appreciated everyone and what they did, and then hand out the gifts, nothing big or fancy : )

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I think we will just give a short thank you toast. That way no one feels singled out for not doing as much as others.

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Thank you so much for all the helpful comments! I think the toast with a short blurb thanks will be good and then privately giving them gifts. I also did not want to make the other attendees feel awkward for not helping even though some have offered, just not sure what to give them to do...
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