fun G rated games at bridal shower....
My mom and sister and niece were over today swimming in the pool and the subject of bridal shower came up. My sister and mom both were planning on throwing me a shower my sister said it was her job. My mom said she just thought she would do it. I don't care who does it, so my sister gave it up to my mom...But I put my niece (10 year old) in charge of game and event planner she said the only game I know it the cotton ball game... Any one have any ideas of games to plan that is no sexual since she will be leading them.

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My aunt did a couple of fun ones!

1. she bought yankee candles and took off the wrappers, and made us smell them and guess the names. They were pretty funny names too! I think she got 12.

2. She had us write in a journal of our most hated chore and why. And the sentence read I hate _____ because______. And then at the end of the game, she told it it was really the "naughty" in the first blank. The best ones came from my mom and gramma!!

3. She had me and a bridemaid (the person who knew the least about everyone) and had them all write their fantasy lover on a small paper. Then we competed to guess who every one secretly wanted to have a romance with (like Elvis!!) and at the end, the person who guessed the most got a gift. It was hard to pick who had who!!

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How well you know the Bride Questionaire.
Bridal Bingo
Wedding word scramble.
They do have Bridal Shower scratch off tickets.
The memory Game.
The famous couple game.
The candy game.

Here is a link or two

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One shower I went to last year had the secret couple game. As each person arrived the hostess put a sticky note on their back. On the stickies she had written the name of half a couple. Someone else got the other half and so on. You had to ask someone questions so you could guess who you were, then find your match. I was Shrek and someone was Fiona. They also had Lucy and Ricky, Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Fred and Wilma, etc.
Also, she bought a bunch of chip clips and gave everyone one to clip to their shirt. When someone said Shawn (Grooms name) and you caught them you got their clip. The person with the most clips won a prize. In the end she gave the clips to the bride to use at their new house. I have seen this at baby showers too.

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My favorite one doesn't yield a prize for the guests but it is funny! Its how well do you know the groom....for the bride. Every time you get an answer wrong your niece or the guests give you a piece of bubble gum to chew on.....and you can't spit it out until the game is if you get 4 questions wrong...that's a lot of gum. Sugarless bubble gum can always be used to cut down on the sweet taste if you like.

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Can get rolls of tissue, make teams, each team makes a wedding dress with one of their teammates, when finished have a fashion show, most creative dress wins
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The pocketbook game is really fun. You make a list of different things women will have in their bags. As you call them out whoever holds the item up first wins a prize.
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