Calla Lilies with colored throats
I chose Navy blue to be my wedding color, I want to do Calla Lilies for my bouquet and I LOVE the ones with purple throats! Would there be a way for me to either dye or find Calla Lilies with Navy Blue or a deep blue throat??

I would love it if I can pull this off!

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those are beautiful! i'm using calla lillies as well for my might can ask the florist or go online and see if there is a way you can get some...

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Welcome to the WeddingWire Community @Emily!! I hope to see you around the boards more often as your planning moves along :)

It's a beautiful bouquet, hopefully someone can give you some advice! :)

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I am having these calla lillies in my bouquet. They are so beautiful!

I have only seen them offered in purple, and could not find them in a silk flower. The reason is that this is a new hybrid. A florist I went to said that she could order white calla lillies and dye the insides, but to have her do that costs $$$.

Good luck!

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yeah if you find out let me know......I'm using Navy Blue as my color too and will be doing calla lilies as well

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You could just use those and wrap a Navy ribbon around the stems. Those are beautiful!
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