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A Timeline to Blissful Wedding Beauty

Beauty tips starting a year out from your wedding from blogger Katilyn!

Kaitlyn Schletzbaum
Kaitlyn Schletzbaum
woman washing face in mirror kait & ko

woman washing face in mirror kait & ko

Hi loves! I am Kaitlyn, curator of the Kansas City based fashion and lifestyle blog, Kait & ko. In less than four months, I will be walking down a flower-lined aisle towards my soon-to-be husband! My love story began when I got engaged in Paris on July 4, 2015 and I have had a lovely experience planning and organizing my wedding since. Today I am sharing a few of my tried and true beauty secrets to add a little glow to your wedding day. I hope you adore them!

It is no doubt appearing blissfully beautiful ranks right up there on your list of wedding day priorities, right next to your stunning white gown. Of course, a concrete beauty regimen goes hand in hand with your desired picture-perfect glow. Unfortunately, unless you are undeniably blessed with an abundance of natural beauty (not I), a routine guaranteeing allure is a vital step in preparing for the day you transform from Miss to Mrs. I do have to note, I am no beautician, but I do have a few tips and tricks to making your wedding day flawless.

With 365 sunrises to go, this still seems like your special day is so far away, but this is the ideal time to begin a routine of daily cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. This means removing your makeup every. single. night. Ugh, I know. As much of a nuisance as this may be, it is worth it, I pinky promise! My favorite cleanser is the Tula Purifying Face Cleanser which I use with my Clarisonic cleansing system both morning and evening. I adore this cleanser because it focuses on probiotic technology (yes, just like those in your tummy). Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, this cleanser will promote a natural, nourishing balance within your skin!

If you have a the occasional late night out and an entire nighttime routine seems impossible, try at least using micellar cleansing water to quickly cleanse your skin. Another trick of mine is keeping makeup removing towelettes in your nightstand, so you literally have no excuse to neglect removing your makeup. Also, invest in a silk pillowcase, rumor has it this is both good for your face and your hair! Lastly, this is the prime time to begin ‘shredding for the wedding’ if that is on your to-do list. Establishing a fitness and nutrition regimen so far in advance will promote a healthy journey to your wedding date.

If you are interested into transforming your luscious locks into those similar to Rapunzel’s (a.k.a. extensions, ladies) this is when I recommend you do so! I recently spoke to a stylist and she encouraged brides to invest in extensions six months prior to your wedding date, whether it be for the ultimate goal of length or volume. This is because everyone’s hair is completely unique, so the adjustment to a few extra inches may vary! Additionally, there are several different types of extensions from halo to clip-ins to hot heads, so be sure to talk to your beautician to find the perfect extensions for you!

One word: tanning. Whether you will be a routine visitor to your local tanning boutique or investing in a homemade faux glow, this is the time to begin! Personally, I will be going the self-tanner route! I have such fair skin, so the traditional tanning bed and I are not so much besties. For my day, I will be prepping with St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse. For a little more budget friendly option, I recommend St. Moriz! It may seem silly to begin self-tanning so soon, but it is more so to perfect the routine. Practice makes perfect, right? Practice also avoids splotchy hands, streaky legs, and the dreaded Oompa Loompa resemblance. Crisis averted, loves!

Seven. More. Days. Oh, how time flies! I have heard a sprinkling of times, invest in a quality facial one week prior in order to ensure the adored glow from within. This lapse allows the the facial to fully set and you, as a soon-to-be Mrs. can reap the full benefits at their peak. If you are looking to splurge, I recommend a hydrafacial or a pore-clearing option to ensure flawless, beautiful skin. If you are striving for a cherry on top, go for a dermaplane facial which will rid of those little hairs on your face (you know, the infamous peach fuzz)! This will allow your makeup to apply smoother and achieve the ‘air-brushed finish.’ If you are looking to save, I recommend nearly any and all masks by glamglow! My favorite is the youth mud.

This is the night to stick to what you know best! Without a doubt, do what you love in terms of relaxation. Cuddle up with a good book, soak in a bubble bath, or take a casual walk. Most importantly, get your beauty sleep.

Cheers to a beautiful wedding day!