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What to do.... Already married but want a beautiful ceremony

MookiePie879, on March 26, 2009 at 3:43 PM Posted in Planning 0 12

I have an unusual situation. My husband and I are already married and have been for almost two years now. We have been together since I was forteen and I will be thirty this year. Not to mention we have 3 children (12)(3) and (1). When we initially got married we went right to the courthouse - It was just us and our youngest since we got married while I was on maternity leave. We ended up having a luau themed reception thrown by my parents that was awesome.

However, we have decided that we want another ceremony for family and friends to attend and plan on having a cocktail hour reception with appetizers passed, a bar, cake cutting, and a DJ with decent pictures from a photographer.

Any thoughts on where to start... and how to still keep it cost effective without losing our wants.


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  • Simplysmittenbride
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    This is actually more common than you think. My BFF from high school got married this year in a courthouse, but is planning a beautiful ceremony with family and friends in Hawaii next year. I think that you should shoot for a ceremony on your next anniversary, and renew your vows in front of your family and friends. That way, you'll have time to save up for every little detail you want! I love the fact that you want a cocktail reception rather than a formal, sit down dinner! That will already save you a ton of money! Look into lounge type venues that already have cocktail tables. Since you're serving passed appetizers, you won't need to spend any money on chair rentals. Most people will be standing and mingling or on the dance floor. I think for alcoholic beverages, you should get cases of a reasonably priced wine, and have a cash bar for any other cocktails that your guest may want. 2 tiered cakes are really in right now. you can have a beautifully decorated cake for less

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  • Simplysmittenbride
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    Because it's smaller. Cupcakes are a cheap alternative if you need to feed more guests. Congrats on being married and happy! Good luck with the upcoming ceremony!


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  • Lois Lyons
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    Best wishes to you. I think you should do what you want to do. It sounds like it would be a lovely party.

    I would first look for your venue to make sure you can book one that you like, for the date that you want. What they offer will help you determine if you need to look at caterers, bartenders, etc.

    My husband and I are Lyons Photography (www.lyonsphotography.net) based in Virginia and serve all of Virginia and DC. Please let us know if we can give you a quote for our photography services! We also work with a wedding planner based in NOVA, so please let us know if you would like her information also.

    Best wishes!!

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  • Suzanne Smith
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    I suggest you renew your vows and have a great time.

    You can do this on an anniversary, usually 5,10 & 25 are the big redo's, LOL, But it is perfectly fine any time.

    One thing I always reccomend to the brides I do renewal parties for is to NOT request or expect gifts, unless its the big 25.

    Some guests may think its overtly greedy after you have been married for more than a year, You may ask that any gifts be in the form of donations to a charity, that is fine for those wishing to celebrate.

    The decor can be fun, since you did a Luau theme before and you are now thinking cocktails do a Martini lounge look, use sleek couches you can rent, a jazzy DJ with mood lighting a couple theme drinks, and simple yet posh flowers, simple floating orchids with candles can be amazing and chic.

    Have fun

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  • BeckiO
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    Congratulations! I don't disagree with you at all for wanting to renew your vows. My hubby and I are in the same boat, and have been married for almost 2 years like yourself as well. We're giving ourselves til our 6 year Anniversary, if not longer to plan for ours to have a beautiful ceremony in front of family and friends (we got married a month before our son came out by a JOP). Honestly cocktails, passed appetizers, and dessert is the best way to go, and actually what my husband and I are doing as well to keep everything in budget. Cupcakes or sheetcakes instead of a large cake are more cost effective for feeding more guests. Look into your grocery store or Wholesale clubs for cakes and appetizers. You can probably get them for less money. Same with your wine and alcohol, unless you can get a great bulk rate somewhere.

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  • N
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    Congrats! I wish that I lived in your town to make youe cake. I am also planning my 25th wedding since I never had one. I want to have a hawaiian themed wedding. Do you think this will be cost alot?



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  • Clamisha Wynn
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    I think its a great idea. I would love to help you out. I am a photographer.


    Misha Nikole Photography

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  • belinda slappy
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    Do you have a wedding planner if not you sould get one that way they can do all the work for you help you keep up with your budget and show you what you need to do and then you need to know wheere you are having oyur wedding at and how many guest you have and then your color of your wedding i an happy to see to people still in love after two years i any never had a real wedding i hope you get the wedding of your dream if you need help i will help you anyway that i can i work with any budget and i will do what i can to take away your stess of planning your wedding and let your kids be apart of your wedding and do something to show them you love them at the wedding

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  • Shannon Foster
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    My SIL has a friend who has a complete new wedding in vegas every 5 years dress and all. My best friend got married in 2007 and had a small friends and family ceremony in July and another bigger wedding and reception in November of the same year.

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  • Celia Milton
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    Congratulations! Many couples do exactly what you're doing; renewing their vows in a different way than their first wedding. I'm sure it will be memorable for both you and your guests.

    You can really think of the planning just as you would a first wedding; putting your priorities in order. It sounds like having your friends and family around you to celebrate is key, so everything should be based on that.

    Your ceremony is going to be very important too; you want to make sure your officiant talks about the beautiful past that you have, and your dreams for the future. If you invite an small number of people, you might want to think about having them participate in the ceremony in some way; wishing rocks, a ring warming, or some other community gesture that will let them really be a part of this ceremony as they have been part of your life.

    For the reception, how about all hors d'oeuvres and cake? It will give everyone plenty of time to mingle and celebrate!

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  • J
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    jaycee ·
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    Quick question...

    since you were already married when you had the ceremoni the how was it set up? did you have another minister or a family member or something? my fiance are going to the court house in june then wanting to have the ceremoni in october, if we are already legal who stands at the alter with us?

    just thought it went along kinda.. Smiley smile

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  • Renewal Bride To Be
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    I'm sorta think of the same..it will be my husband and I 15 year anniversary in january 2012.when we married it was in the county judge office, and didn't have any kind of reception . i like the idea of renewals but afraid to thinking others will think its too premature.as its not the 25th ..but there are people in our life now that may not be with us come 10 more years...what to do??

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