Mrs. Vitucci
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What is a photo booth? Never seen one at a wedding before!

Mrs. Vitucci, on February 5, 2011 at 3:55 PM Posted in Planning 0 6
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Hi, I've never seen a photo booth at a wedding...can someone quickly explain what they are, how much they generally cost and what it entails. When I think of photo booth I think of the ones I use to sit in when I was a kid, you'd make funny faces at it then it prints out like 4-5 pictures after. Not sure if that's what it is.


  • 2d Bride
    Champion October 2009
    2d Bride ·

    Yep, that's exactly what it is. And typically, it spits out two copies of the 4-5 pictures, so the guest can get one and the other can go into the couple's guestbook. In some cases, it even keeps digital pictures which the couple can download later.

    And the photobooths used at weddings vary from the type of fully automatic ones you remember to ones that are just a photographer taking the pictures, perhaps with some silly props to get people in the mood. You can see the details of our DIY one at this link.

  • Ab
    Master October 2011
    Ab ·

    You can go to google images and search for "wedding photo booth" to get some examples. the photo booth i might use, there is a photographer at it that takes the pics; three in short succession and they get uploaded to the internet..mine would be 400 for 3 hours..although they vary quite a bit, usually on the more expensive end, like 800-1000 for four hours.

  • Jennifer
    Super October 2011
    Jennifer ·

    I booked one for 699 for 5 hours, including props, an attendant and a buch of extras too...I am going to use it for my guest book.

  • Mrs. Vitucci
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    Mrs. Vitucci ·

    Thanks I've found some in my area, I found one for $450 for four hours, it's regularly $650 but I'm getting married out of season so they offer a discount...sweet!

    Also found a dj for $400!

    I'm having a good day with vendors

  • Officially His Mrs P.
    Master October 2010
    Officially His Mrs P. ·

    Great job wedding twin!!!

  • Hayley C™
    Master March 2008
    Hayley C™ ·

    You can google "diy photo booth wedding" and read up on a lot of sites that give you ideas on how to do it on a budget.

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