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What did you forget?

Jill, on October 12, 2019 at 9:35 PM Posted in Planning 0 5
We are leaving tomorrow for our destination wedding on Monday! I am getting pretty nervous and feel like I’m going to forget something. I keep convincing myself that I’m going to forget my dress!

For those of you that are already married, what did you forget or almost forget to bring?


Latest activity by Courtney, on October 13, 2019 at 4:36 PM
  • Cyndy
    Rockstar May 2019
    Cyndy ·
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    Luckily I didn’t forget anything. I made lots of lists and kept checking them over and over. Good luck
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  • Jill
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    Jill ·
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    That makes me feel better. I have been making lots of lists and checking them off, so hopefully that pays off. Thanks
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  • V
    Champion July 2019
    Veronica ·
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    My husband forgot one of his groomsmen's gift. The morning of the wedding I misplaced my jewelry so we spent about an hour looking for it and didn't get as many getting ready photos because of trying to find it.
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  • H
    Super September 2019
    H ·
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    I forgot my flower bouquet 🤦‍♀️ I didn't realize I forgot it until I was standing in front my husband with our officiant, thinking to myself "what do I do with my hands?!".
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  • Courtney
    Master December 2019
    Courtney ·
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    At a friend's wedding the boutonnieres were forgotten- they were left in the hotel room mini fridge.

    I would high suggest bringing your planning binder/folder/etc so that way you have copies of contracts and contact information.

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