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What color nails?

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White dress blue colored theme heard the French is really out don't what something super trendy that when I look back


  • Celia Milton
    October 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    I don't know that French is out, but most of my brides have one color in a pink/peach/neutral. Also makes your fingers look longer, lol!

  • We'llAlwaysHaveParis
    Master November 2013
    We'llAlwaysHaveParis ·

    I don't know about French being out, but it's definitely overdone. I think I'm going with short nails in a darker color (purple).

  • Danielle
    VIP October 2015
    Danielle ·

    I will probably be going with something similar to these (minus the nail decorations!). I'm known for only and always wearing pink nail polish. My wedding day shouldn't be any different!

  • Brianna
    Super July 2014
    Brianna ·

    I am going to do a soft light pink

  • Chrissy
    Expert June 2014
    Chrissy ·

    Do what you want. I'm over the French and will probably do pink with a bit of a sparkle. I may even go for something a little bolder. I LOVE bright colors and think it'll be fun. My engagement pics have a bright ish pink.

  • Kimberly
    Expert August 2013
    Kimberly ·

    Well I'm going with fench for my girls cause picking a soild color for will not work on everyone skin tone. But I'm doing something bold

  • Kyersten
    Super May 2014
    Kyersten ·

    I found a look on Pinterest I LOVE, light pink nails with a small white heart on the ring finger. So sweet and pretty!

  • Glenda
    Master October 2013
    Glenda ·

    I have long fingers so while I'd like to do a nice lighter pink (I'm carrying pink roses), it'll make them look even longer (not in a good way).

    I bought a shade of brown from Butter London (love their polish). FH is wearing a chocolate tux and I am wearing leopard print shoes so I went with something to match those colors...

  • kristi
    Dedicated May 2015
    kristi ·

    I think French is classic, with a design in your colors

  • ForeverMyLove
    Master December 2014
    ForeverMyLove ·

    I pretty much always wear a pastel color on my nails. I am wearing a pale pink with a little glitter.

  • Augustbride
    Expert August 2013
    Augustbride ·

    French with pink tips

  • ♥MrsC♥
    VIP July 2013
    ♥MrsC♥ ·

    Here's what i did

  • Allyson
    Master May 2014
    Allyson ·

    I always wear French, so I will for my wedding too

  • Gabriele
    Super June 2013
    Gabriele ·

    I had a white dress and blue theme too. But I wore red garnet jewelry, which is a family heirloom and very dark red.

    My toes were dark red and inititally I wanted ti do my fingernails the same way. But the nail lady shared that with all the soft colors that might be too much and looking back, too trendy.

    I went with a variation of french, not as stark as the traditional french. Very soft pink translucent nailpolish and soft white edges. It looked just elegant and classic and not too over the top.

    Have no pictures yet.

  • BalletShoesRachel
    VIP September 2014
    BalletShoesRachel ·

    @Future Mrs. L, do you know what that sparkly nail polish in the second photo is?

    For the wedding, I will probably do a natural-nail mani with OPI "Princesses Rule." I don't think French is "out," but I do know that natural-nail is en vogue at the moment, whereas fake nails, even short French ones, *are* kind of "out."

  • Kim
    Master June 2014
    Kim ·

    I personally hate french mani/pedi's. I haven't had that since i was like 16. It looks a little fake to me but I have seen more natural versions of it. It all depends on your style and preference.

  • Sarah
    Expert January 2016
    Sarah ·

    I'm going for something like this. I like the more nude affect, I like just a touch of bling.

  • Rubicole
    VIP August 2014
    Rubicole ·

    I agree with not going too trendy; it may look dated when you look back at your photos. I'll be doing a soft creamy color that doesn't stand out too much. I don't always have my fingernails painted, so nothing too obvious.

    As for my toes, these are always painted a fun color... I may go a bit flashy by using one of our wedding colors (dark purple). But not 100% sure yet.

  • Rubicole
    VIP August 2014
    Rubicole ·

    Sorry. Double post!!

  • ToBe❤Mrs.Lopez
    Super October 2015
    ToBe❤Mrs.Lopez ·

    I saw this on pinterest and fell in love, but I would change it from a nude french tip to just a pretty blush color with lace.

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