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Wedding Superstitions - Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue

Jo, on April 17, 2018 at 11:05 AM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 37

How much do you buy into this wedding superstition ?

The superstition that a bride should have with her something old, new, borrowed, and blue, plus a silver sixpence, comes to us from Victorian times. The bride would wear "something old" to symbolize her past, and "something new" to symbolizes her future with her partner. The "something borrowed" is supposed to be borrowed from someone who is happily married in order to absorb some of their good luck, and "something blue" was to represent fidelity. The sixpence in her shoe would help ensure good fortune in the marriage.

Will you have something old, new, borrowed, and blue with you on your wedding day? Will you have a sixpence? Are you hoping they will bring you luck and fortune, or are you doing it for another reason?

Wedding Superstitions - Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue 1

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Latest activity by Marie, on November 19, 2020 at 8:45 AM
  • Stephanie
    Devoted July 2018
    Stephanie ·
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    I will have something to do with all of these but not sure what yet.
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  • Kaye
    VIP October 2018
    Kaye ·
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    And yes, I will be following this superstition as well. Smiley smile

    My parents and his parents both have had lovely marriages. My FH hopes I will borrow his mother pearls for my wedding day.

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  • BB-H
    VIP September 2018
    BB-H ·
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    My something old/borrowed will be my mother's veil, my something blue will be my shoes, and my something new will be my dress! If I can find a sixpence, I'd like to make that happen too.

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  • Mrsbdg
    Champion August 2017
    Mrsbdg ·
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    Old: A brooch from my great grandma's collection
    New: My gown
    Borrowed: We knew so few happily married couples and my BFF from OT school is in the happiest, healthiest marriage so we asked and she let us borrow about 20 gorgeous lanterns we used to line the aisle.
    Blue: The bottoms of my wedding shoes.

    I had a sixpence for my shoe from eBay. It came with a cute magnet so I Gorilla-Glued it back on the magnet and it's on our fridge rn.
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  • Ericha
    Devoted November 2018
    Ericha ·
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    I'm not sure that I believe in all of it, but I will still be partaking in the tradition... partly because my FH seesm to believe in a lot of the wedding superstitions, and partly because this specific tradition is just fun!
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  • Mrs. H
    Master September 2019
    Mrs. H ·
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    I will have something old, new, borrowed and blue but no sixpence.

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  • PrincessLawrence
    VIP June 2018
    PrincessLawrence ·
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    I plan to do all this just not sure with what yet. My engagement ring it my something old I believe as its my great grandmothers

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  • KarenO
    Master June 2018
    KarenO ·
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    I'm not doing this because of superstition, but because I like the tradition. I never heard of the sixpence before joining this site though, so don't have one of those.

    old: my grandmother's wedding ring

    new: my gown, my wedding ring

    borrowed: my mother's pearl bracelet (married for 49 years the day before our wedding)

    blue: sapphires in my wedding ring and my engagement ring, possibly adding something else

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  • A
    Devoted March 2019
    Amanda ·
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    I love this one! And it's fun to come up with all the items.
    Old: jewelry my mom gave me of hers
    Borrowed: my sister's veil
    New: my dress
    Blue: my garter

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  • Kaylyn
    Super May 2019
    Kaylyn ·
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    I plan on doing this, I’m just not sure what I’ll be using yet
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  • Happy Hedgie
    VIP September 2018
    Happy Hedgie ·
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    Yes, I'm definitely doing this one.

    Old-adding charms from my grandma's bracelet to my bouquet, it was gifted to her by my grandfather on their wedding day

    New-diamond earrings my MIL gifted to me as a welcome to the family present

    Borrowed-a pearl bracelet from my mom. She inherited it from her mom who was happily married for 45+ years and my parents will be married for 31 years this September.

    Blue-my shoes and my mani/pedi

    I purchased my sixpence off of Etsy.

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  • O
    Master October 2017
    O ·
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    new-everything-all my jewelry, dress and veil
    blue-the blue diamond in my engagement ring
    yep, I had a six pence.
    so also don't believe in this.
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  • Mmssecrets
    Devoted March 2019
    Mmssecrets ·
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    I don't see this so much as a superstition as tradition. I will have all of mine. It may sound slightly morbid but it is very significant to me.
    Old- My dad's ashes (he passed away a year and 1/2 ago but he was 53 when he passed...that counts right?)
    New- this could he a few things but we are going with my dress and a little satchel bag (see below)
    Borrowed- my parents original wedding rings
    Blue- a little satchel bag for my dad's ashes and my parents wedding rings to go in.
    I don't know about the sixpence piece but I will do the penny in my shoe.
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  • rica
    VIP September 2018
    rica ·
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    I’m really just doing it because it’s fun. Good to know the origins though!
    Old my grandmother’s pearl necklace from her wedding. I love that I can wear something of hers. New can be the dress, the shoes... borrow will likely be my aunt’s tiara from her wedding that I love. I was a flower girl in her wedding and I think it’s a cute nod to it. I don’t have blue yet but I’m thinking about getting a bracelet with a blue charm or subtle blue earrings for my cartilage piercings. Or maybe a hair clip. I always forget about the sixpence in the shoe part.
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  • Xandria
    VIP December 2018
    Xandria ·
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    I want to do something old, new, borrowed and blue. I've never heard of the sixpence bit, but in my family we always put heads up pennies in our left shoes, I wonder if it comes from this superstition.

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  • Liana
    VIP March 2017
    Liana ·
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    We had something new, old, blue, borrowed.

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  • SoKatiiee
    Devoted June 2018
    SoKatiiee ·
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    My mom and grandmother is making me have something this way- so my grandma is giving me piece of cloth (borrowed), and then doing something blue for me. New is my dress.

    I wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for them though :/

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  • Brenda
    Devoted May 2018
    Brenda ·
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    I m not sure I believe it but I will be doing this. Not the sixpence though.
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  • A_Mart
    Super June 2018
    A_Mart ·
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    I want to do this but all I have so far is the something new (dress) and something blue (pearl earrings from FH). I better get to work on the others!!

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  • MrsV1027
    Master October 2018
    MrsV1027 ·
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    FMIL bought me a garter set with blue for my something blue and my mom is loaning me my great grandmothers pearls so that's something borrowed and old. I'll have quite a bit of new but won't have a six pence

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