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Wedding Planning Stress

MLS, on October 13, 2020 at 10:04 PM Posted in Planning 0 9
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Hello Fellow Brides,
I know we all have many stressors.. But right now what is your biggest stressor?

Mine is currently the trying to remember everything. I feel like I keep making notes and forget to write them down and stress about that. I've been stressing a lot about my DIY stuff. And there's also the family stuff that is always fun.
Tell me yours?


Latest activity by Llcool_Kay, on October 14, 2020 at 4:08 PM
  • Mrs. Spring
    Master April 2021
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    Mine is trying to decide if I should accept a job offer that is in the same city as my fiance. The offer is about a $5,000 annual pay cut.
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  • B
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    People are stressing me out. I haven't chose my dress yet but there are 2 that I really love. And a couple of people keep making comments about why would I spend thousands on a wedding dress when I could get one for alot cheaper. It's annoying to me cause why do they care how much I spend on it, they arent paying for it so who cares how much I spend on it. It's kind of taking the excitement out of it for me.
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  • Kerin
    Super February 2021
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    Hey there, I think my biggest stressor are that I'm planning multiple events...we're hosting a Halloween party this Saturday for approximately 60 people and we have to make all the food Friday night and Saturday. Then we have 2 birthdays in our house the 1st week of November, have to host the family Thanksgiving, 2 more birthdays the beginning of December, have to host the family Christmas, and then our wedding is on Valentines day. I feel like I'm constantly changing modes from one event to the other in trying to make sure I have everything under control. Sometimes I swear I'm going crazy.

    Like you, I keel making mental notes, then forget to write them down, so constantly 2nd guessing myself.
    Just be patient with yourself and ask for help when you need it...hopefully you have people who will help, even if it's just bouncing ideas.
    Good luck 馃
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  • Jeanette
    Expert July 2021
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    Mine is hoping there's a vaccine or something dramatic changes in the next few months because otherwise my FH, half the bridal and grooms party, and 75% of the guests won't be able to attend. 馃槹馃槶
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  • Rebecca
    Rockstar August 2019
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    I was stressed over two things: payments, and my mother.

    We got married in NYC, so everything just felt so expensive, and remembering to make payments was a pain.

    My mother is always a problem, she's narcissistic and toxic. Let me put it this way: she came to the wedding shower, and I thought she behaved "ok" for her standards... and *every last friend of mine* came up to me later and hugged me, said they were sorry she behaved so poorly, and they understand why my relationship with her is ...rough. So, *that* was eye-opening.

    However, that stress went away, because she saw the invitations and declined to come. That DID mean that my family threw all kinds of drama, and now nearly none of them talk to me.... but the wedding was stress-free!

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  • Shelly
    Devoted January 2022
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    Right now the only things that are stressful are the budget and my mom.

    Since we are paying for the majority ourselves, and we're still fresh out of college with student loans (yaaay), money has been the biggest concern. I have found that as long as you stick to continuous research and don't go with the first vendor you fall in love with, you can find many vendors that are cheaper (or DIY ideas) that are just as good if not better!

    With the mother issue, she's just very opinionated and all about appearances. Coming from a Filipino culture (and I'm not saying all Filipinos are like this...just my mom and her circle), my mom and her friends/family are ALL about presenting yourself and making it seem like you have a lot more than you actually have. My FH and I are very simple people and that's how our wedding is going to be (simple, minimalistic, modern), so it's been a struggle getting her to cope with that. We won the battle with her about wanting only one flower girl and ring bearer (she wanted 3 of each!!!), and we found a venue who's package came with real china, so she was pleased with that.

    Overall, I think we've done really well with keeping stress down, and knowing how to respectfully decline other people's opinions. It is our day after all, and we just want it to be fun!

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  • T
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    I am going through an annoying issue with my FMIL and my shower, but all of that pales in comparison to the travel restrictions currently in place. I want my family at my wedding and don't want to postpone again.

    I live near my family, across the country from FI's family and my BMs. Didn't get to bring them dress shopping, didn't get to go on coffee dates and talk wedding stuff, etc. But now with Covid being a long-distance bride has a whole other level of stress.

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  • Madelin
    Devoted November 2020
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    Other people.
    The bridal party, guest list, RSVP dilemma, people upset about not getting a plus one, people upset they weren't invited, etc. In general, people that have nothing to do with the wedding, we hardly ever talk to, or "friends" that turned out not to be real friends after all.

    Hang on in there girlfriend, you will do just fine. The fact that you have started making notes is amazing. The day will come faster than you know it.
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  • Llcool_Kay
    Devoted July 2021
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    My biggest stressor is covid. FH and I decided that we will not be postponing our big day. In fact, the only plan B is just adjusting the guest list. However, I will still be bummed if our family and friends cannot celebrate with us
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