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Wedding Photography Problem

Mikalyn, on May 23, 2019 at 7:44 PM Posted in Planning 0 10
Hey so last year we found a photographer that we liked but she had posted that she only had one more day for 2019 and that she would offer $250 off. When I messaged she said that I would have to book that week to secure the spot so someone else would not get it. Well this week she posted on her page that she has some dates open still for 2019 and she is offering 1/2 off. I feel lied to because I would not have booked that week without the pressure and now she is offering others an even better deal. Maybe I am just being a baby lol


Latest activity by Cristy, on May 24, 2019 at 4:06 PM
  • Chrystal
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    Chrystal ·
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    Maybe she had some cancelations
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  • Mikalyn
    Dedicated October 2019
    Mikalyn ·
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    Yeah I mean she could have but any other times she has had a cancellation for like graduation or maternity she puts that in the post

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  • Formerbride
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    Formerbride ·
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    Maybe some dates fell through 🤷‍♀️. Also, it's kind of like a sale on anything. You never know when one is going to pop up. Like, if I buy cereal on Tuesday and by Friday it's on sale, what can I do? I've already opened the box..
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  • C
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    Casey ·
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    Like others said, this is possibly cancellations or other reasons. However, it doesn't hurt to ask her if she'd be willing to cut you a better discount. Just be extremely polite- mention the ad, ask if she'd be willing to price match her new sale. Worse case scenario she says no, you're no worse off. Smiley smile
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  • Madison
    Devoted May 2022
    Madison ·
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    I am assuming she had someone cancel on her
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  • Iva
    Super September 2019
    Iva ·
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    Agree with this. Just mention the add & ask her to match the new deal, or meet you somewhere in the middle. You have nothing to lose, it’s worth the ask. 50% off is a crazy good deal by the way!
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  • CDickman
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    CDickman ·
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    I would ask if she could match the deals. But she may have had cancellations.
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  • A
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    Ashlie ·
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    I’m sure she has had a cancelation and that’s why the new dates are half off. Also, that dates she currently has for half off maybe aren’t “peak season” dates or a date that would be in high demand. I would just let it go, you’ve already got some compensation on your deal. And the chances that her half off dates, would have been your wedding day, are slim. She is probably just trying to fill her scheduled, do to a last minute change. I wouldn’t take it personal or like she tried to scam you.
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  • Angela
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    Angela ·
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    As a photographer, in order to guarantee the date you chose you do need to book as soon as possible. There can be multiple people interested in the same day and nobody interested in the others. When dates get closer and there are openings then you run a sale for those dates open. As others said there could have also been cancellations. For instance there could be 4 clients interested in May 18th and nobody interested in the 25th. Whomever books the 18th first gets it. As the 25th gets closer and nobody has still booked I would run a sale for that date in order to try and get a client.

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  • Cristy
    Master May 2021
    Cristy ·
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    She may have had some couples either cancel or postpone to a new date, which is why she now has openings. But, since this is her business, she wants to book those dates. 2019 is almost half over, so the best way to do that would be to offer a special, I would think.

    I think you're overreacting. I don't think she lied to you. I think that was what she had at the time you booked her.

    Since you've seen what she posted on her page, why not approach her about a better deal? Can't hurt to ask.

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