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Undergarments help!!!

Judy, on June 6, 2021 at 9:49 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 7
Hi all so I need help figuring out my bra for my dress. I am a DD chest and my dress looks great how it is however I am very critical about myself and being short with a bigger chest just sucks sometimes. The dress is a watters gown and the designer doesn’t use much boning. I can’t wear a normal bra because it’s high cut with lace and underneath is a sweetheart style. Anyways I’ve gone to every place imaginable under the sun. The lady at kohl’s and the post office know me now because of all the returns I have made. I know people say the seamstress can alter the dress and make cups into it, but I don’t need cups I need a lift. The minimizer bra I bought makes my chest look like a shelf. (😔) I know there is something out there for this. I just don’t know where- (yes I’ve gone to Amazon, Macy’s, Nordstrom, VS, soma, bare nessisties, adore me and on and on..) anyone have any suggestions or gone to someone who can custom make a bra for you? Haha


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    Have you tried a bustier in lieu of a standard bra? I'm a 32DD, and had a sweetheart neckline, with a lower back (not low, but lower than a bra strap) and a bustier was the solution for me to feel supported and (reasonably) comfortable.

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  • Amanda
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    Would you be able to wear a corset underneath the dress to help with just lifting? I know there are corsets out there made with lace on the back and sides and use boning to help with just lifting and supporting.

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  • Michelle
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    You can either have a seamstress add boning to the dress or try tape underneath from boobhold.com

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  • April
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    I went to adore me and tried on some there and was able to find something that would work with my dress as a last resort. The lift was what I was worried about as well and I have sheer lace pieces around where the bra would be.
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  • Kari
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    What is your bra size? 32DD is really different from 36DD!

    I'm full 32D (sometimes need to wear 32DD, depending on brand) and was actually amazed at how much lift a little boob tape could provide. I was super skeptical that it would work with my dress because I didn't think there was enough fabric to hide the tape, but I didn't need as much tape as I thought to have a big difference.

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  • Jessi
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    I'm 40DD and I've used boob tape before as a wedding guest and it was amazing! I was seriously surprised with how much lift I was able to get and they still looked good and like natural lol.

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  • Courtney
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    You might also be looking for the wrong bra size. We've been so conditioned that people know exactly how to measure in stores but it's not always really the best fit.

    There's a calculator online called abrathatfits.org and it'll give you the best true to size bra measurement and could help you out with this.

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